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  4. grats
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    🤦 Currently reading The Gender Games series (fiction) by Bella Forrest.
  6. Is it just me or are they trying to get this game into an e-sport or something? Nice concept tho, should be a weekly thing but without the cash pay-out.
  7. grats dude, half way there
  8. Jagex really do have money to burn at the minute
  9. Hey sorry for any delay. Shoot me or Lait a message on Discord
  10. nice botting m9
  11. Gl on the other 50%!
  12. Welcome to our boards
  13. Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
  14. Welcome to our forums, Matthew!
  15. Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
  16. Hey welcome Diego!
  17. Welcome Diego
  18. Welcome Matthew
  19. Welcome Jared
  20. Welcome Ken
  21. Welcome Charles
  22. Welcome Dylan
  23. Welcome Tyler
  24. Hey there, welcome aboard!
  25. Hey there welcome! Your app is a little on the shorter side You never been in a clan before? Why is that, never seen the point, or..?
  26. I feel like we could come to an arrangement sir. You provide the fishies... Grats
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