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    Mini Horse

    Post Your Bank

    https://i.gyazo.com/cbb1ab1cf44b43a0d7000c23ba28a2d3.mp4 my bank
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    Looks decent, These are my go to outfits.
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    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    also realised i recorded my earlier dks trip so this includes a bring and a petdrop to confirm
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    not even top 1000 smh
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    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    Title says it all. This is where we'll keep track of what items we've had drop so I can fill out the spreadsheets. ALL PICTURES MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING. Wg vs Forsaken 237 In your chat box Your runescape name must be viewable The drop of the item must be in the runescape chat log as well. Barrows items you need to take a picture of the loot chest itself. Runelite does this automatically. That's all. Have fun, make some money and lets win us a competition lads.
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    Aaight x WG Gore Def xxx

    Boven in de Blue Moon Inn ... "Ik denk niet dat ik hier klaar voor ben." Aaight fluisterde tegen Wg Gore Def. "Maak je geen zorgen, wees voorzichtig met jou, ik weet dat het je eerste keer is" zei Wg Gore Def tegen Aaight terwijl hij hem stevig omhelsde. WG Gore Def begon langzaam Aaights Bandos Chestplate te verwijderen terwijl hij zijn lichaam bewonderde. "Je bent zo schattig als je nerveus bent". WG Gore Def mompelt in een luisterend oor. Wg Gore Def begint met het verwijderen van Aaights Bandos Tassets om zijn zachte maar stevige Saradomin Godsword te onthullen. Aaight, blozend onbeheersbaar, lacht en vertelt Wg Gore Def "Ik ben blij dat mijn eerste keer bij jou is". Wg Gore Def lacht terug en begint Aaights Saradomin's zwaard te wrijven, en plotseling transformeert het in een stevig en machtig Saradomin Godsword! Uit het niets roept Aaight "Taste Veangeance!" en plotseling barst zijn Saradomins Godsword en bedekt het gezicht van Wg Gore Def met Serum 207!
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    Big Britters

    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    Only ring of the task
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    Bert is single highhandedly carrying the team.
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    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    gonna need forsakens memberlist too so we know who to crash on sight
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    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    nice trip for you so far rofl!! just seen the message
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    Aaight x WG Gore Def xxx Chapter 2

    no going back now
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    All i can imagine is the phone call to the police, "911, what's the emergency?" "Well, someone was abusing their privileges and stealing money." "Where is this at?" "*Cough*, Gielinor" "*Click*"
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    Tank Names

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    Mini Horse

    The Original Runescape; Cemetery

    I also use to pk rune rocks when i played back in the day my main account is 14 years old but that wasn't my first acc i made, when i pked i had countless accounts and scouts located at the rune rocks so i could kill and fight all lvls plus mine the rune for some extra gp. RS-eoc stats use to be a zerker build before wildly was removed later went to range tank
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    Postupdate lava rc banking

    Internet dicksize is measured by RC exp
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    WG vs Forsaken PvM Comp Drop List

    CONTRIBUTING dex scroll btw
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    WG Gore Def

    Aaight x WG Gore Def xxx

    So much cringe in so little pixels.
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    [Accepted] The Megla

    About time you posted this Megla =), we'll have to get back too DKs soon
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    Sir Ligmabal

    Good luck, nice name btw
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    WG Fargorn

    My guinea pigs

    In this episode of cribs...