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  1. Simple forum game, played on our old forums. Simply guess the next poster and respond to the previous guess. Claws
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    Grats Nordics
  3. Mojo

    Welcome. Which member?
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    Welcome back
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    Nice app. Welcome
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    Hello and welcome
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    What pets do people have? For example, @Frozen_10 has 2 dogs.
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    Hey welcome
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    Welcome. I agree with Willzy. Good luck
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    Filled it in please give it to me jag
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    Well done
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    Welcome to our clan forums. Your application is somewhat lacking in effort. Just click the edit button on this page to change your application. Take a look through some previously accepted applications for inspiration. Good luck
  16. Has it really been nearly 3 months already???
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    Welcome back
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    This is correct. I was leading it until DS was shut down. Was good fun! Anyway, welcome to our OSRS side!
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    Nice to finally see some positive duel arena changes. I would still just delete it but this makes scamming way harder now. Also please pick me jumflex
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    Welcome. What did you search for?
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    Welcome. Agreed with others about editing this a bit
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    Welcome !
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    This place used to be the place to be for clans but it’s past it’s usefulness now and I think this is a wise decision
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    Hey welcome