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  1. yeah I got hooked on it when I saw some of the insane movement and combos people pull off... I grinded so hard to learn it and became pretty good, but nowhere near as good as these guys
  2. For those who don't know, Super Smash Bros is actually a highly competitive game with tournaments reaching over 2000+ entrants. One of the bigger one's this weekend is Super Smash Con. The top 8 of the singles bracket for Melee (the gamecube one) is about to start; here's a link: https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp I recommend checking it out if you're looking for a new game to play/watch, or just need some nostalgia for this game that came out over 15 years ago!
  3. The Breakfast Club A Bronx Tale Godfather (I and II) Zootopita and obvious my all time favorite: Pirate of the Caribbean (all of them) Runner ups: Black Mass Gran Torino Memento Pulp Fiction Book of Eli (or pretty much anything with Denzel)
  4. Let the grind begin...
  5. yeah that's what i was thinking, I think i got a little ahead of myself and too inspired by amenity
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently struggling to keep up with training my pure, and since I pay for my membership with bonds, training two accounts all the time isn't really doing right now when neither of them can really make good money yet. Should I quit the pure (for now) and focus on training my main enough to be able to boss/pk/raid etc, and THEN start the pure back up again? Or is there something I should be able to do now to sustain this grind.
  7. Well this was a blast from the past for me! I have a question. I'm struggling to find money to train my pure. Do you guys think I should stop until my stats are good enough on here to make some good cash bossing or something before continuing?
  8. Got some fun pics today. Had a lot of fun at the events today. My bridding is getting much less rusty through practice, just gotta work on my prayer flicks honestly. Rushing 60 mage on the pure to do mage arena. Then gonna grind out some quests on it as well. As for the main, i'm gonna go for 53 thief to do DT soon. Also found out I made my pures account over 12 YEARS AGO.
  9. ^pretty much exactly that, but in that price range you can definitely get something decent
  10. Everyone doing giant lists i feel like I need to add my 6-10 here goes: 6: Avenged Sevenfold (Nightmare album and earlier, for nostalgia) 7: System of a Down 8: Within the Ruins 9: The Human Abstract 10: Dragonforce forgot to mention: I also play guitar (although I haven't played in a while because the head broke off my SG and I've been waiting for guitar center to stop fucking me with backorders the last 6 months......) and I dabbled in the drums a while ago but not for long