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  2. Woa Congratz brother
  3. Welcome Rob! Good luck getting all 107 rings in Dark Souls 3
  4. @Da Man__2003 should punch you in the dick maybe that will make you excited
  5. Welcome Austin!
  6. Congratz dude!
  7. Welcome! Dont be shy and tell a little bit more about yourself!
  8. Yup! Martin?
  9. Anyone excited?!
  10. Im 98 slayer but I have no idea how much XP per hour I get. I always use melee (best melee gear ingame) and just afk a lot
  11. Nice little update
  12. I'd say Limburg Welkom here!
  13. Hey there, welcome!
  14. Welcome Jonathon! What kind of music do you play?