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  1. Finally reached a huge goal of mine. Been at this for a few months. I can finally begin to play the game now
  3. The art of switching is the art of clicking. Learn Zulrah in and out and start increasing your switches from 2 or 3 to 5 or more. Once you get the hang of it you will have absolutely no issues doing switches in wildy. The most important difference between PVP switching and PVM switching is hot keys. Set them up for your inventory tab, magic tab, attack style tab (for specs) and prayer tab. Once you can flawlessly switch items and between these tabs you will be GOLDEN.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome black
  6. Welcome and sorry for killing you the other day. I was out pking with friends - I was the only WG member
  7. Welcome you fuck
  8. Goodluck homie. I'm currently working on 2k total and the shit is NO JOKE!
  9. WOW. DF2....woulda never expected this. I hope the clan world can recover from the huge gap that's going to be left as bigger clans fall out
  10. Ohh. Surprise Comcast has that cause they are pretty shitty for everything else
  11. What does that mean
  12. I like finger painting and playing with silly putty. I eat oreos after I dip them in Sunny Delight. I am the original rebel. My favorite word rhymes with song. It's WRONG