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  1. miss skilling w u homeboy
  2. omg home tele days; throwback to the times where u spend half ur time just fucking walking hahhahhahaha when explorer ring came out for f2p that was the dope shit too man
  3. im guessing 125
  4. I remember thinking moss giants were dangerous creatures and spending many months at hill giants (selling big bones & limpwurt roots), minotaurs (iron arrows), flesh crawlers (runes) & giant spiders (exp) to afford full rune (180-200k back in the day) & rune scimitars (27-30k). Hunting at security stronghold just to find the skull sceptre and also exploring the stronghold of player security when it first came out and fighting those stupid cockroach soldiers Truly the good old days :")
  5. Might quit being 10hp after 99 firemaking tho :") wna get a maxed account for PVM/ raids/ slayer
  6. I've got nothing much to say really but im the kind of guy who can uphold conversations for hours in-game
  7. dammmmmmmmmm true throwbacks
  8. Thanks everyone!!! :))
  9. Gx on q p w
  10. gX!!!!
  11. Eussy Peater Tell us about yourself. Hey guys, im from Singapore, been playing runescape since 2007 and im currently grinding a 10 hp account Clan history. How did you hear about us? reddit!!! Do you plan to join? yes Any last comments? I do hope my time here will be a good one, where i make friends and get motivated to play more where fellow members are helpful and kind where we can make a difference to the runescape community
  12. eussy peater What is your current RS name? eussy peater List any previous RS names: My stats: Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started since 2007, pre-eoc days - quit the moment eoc happened, joined back 07 for a short 2 months and quit after due to exams, am back now due to free time. Currently interested in skilling, mini games - wintertodt (10 hp till 99 firemaking at least :P) Tell us about your clan history. Tell us about your yourself. Hi, I am Hugo, 20 years old currently in the Army and im from Singapore. Did GCE A levels and i enjoy the occasional drink or club events. How did you hear about us? reddit! What makes you want to join us? Heard that the clan is friendly and encouraging and helpful which would make me want to stay in the game. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: