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  1. my greatest idol
  2. welcome to the team
  3. biggest 07scape achievment tbh!!!! always wanted this lil cute mofo <3 s/o to @Martin / N0valife for sponsoring the insurance <3 means alot bro
  4. Welcome mitch
  5. 350 Kc. - hacked. 280318, 355 kc - guthans helm 363 kc - dh platelegs 378 kc - dh helm 379 kc - ahrims skirt/ veracs skirt (chraged trident) 387 kc - guthan helm 418 kc - elite clue ( 118,864 gp) 428 kc - guthans skirt 436 kc - guthans spear (charged trident) _______ 450kc (100kills) 30/03/2018 5753 blood runes 7421 death runes 14731 chaos runes 46735 mind runes 186,540gp
  6. yea i turned off 2fa so my friend could use my account and then i forgot to turn it on again.... life sucks but y;know gotta keep going!
  7. yea man... just scanned comp and set up everything again using my iphone
  8. Hi guys as most of y'all might know i just got hacked in osrs and lost my bank mainly, but thanks to some borrowing of barrows gear i have decided to rebuild by doing barrows till i hit 200 elite clues Thanks for the help and advice when i was on down time and was lost af at what to do regarding the game s/o to all those who helped! y'all know who you are @Misdeal guess im all out of the pet hunt
  9. wtf! mad bro...
  10. couldnt' have said it any better my friend
  11. is that a dh axe LOL
  12. welcome to the clan!
  13. copper 1
  14. hey ryan
  15. he broke the game