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  1. Ganja Sabre (@Sabre Wraith) I'm ex-TS as well [Sabre Keanu], was around in early-mid 2009
  2. Hondas suck, don't get the s2k. I personally would go for the 370. Or a Skyline. Get a Skyline.
  3. Toilet paper is ridiculously ineffective, and the government should oversee the installation of bidets in every home, school and office in the country.
  4. By popular demand, round 2!
  5. Logged into a p2p world after doing some f2p PKing and ran into a pker. Hit the portal and hopped off just before it activated and he got teled away. No food, 1hp, 0 prayer. Greatest escape ever. Winning a fight on 5hp First 99 Satisfying AGS lost #1 AGS lost #3 AGS lost #5 PKing with Bullerik to help improve WG/RoT relations Guthans spear at 5kc barrows smiting a dbow with a dds in the midst of the 'no dds on raids' bullshit A train lol DS1 70 combat (WG reqs at the time) Banner I made for our first osrs fight, still proud of this Our second consecutive pull of 100+ opts to an event Training up on RoT members A rogues fight Some awesome pulls The beautiful deathcharge into RoT Headshot Ballista PK The Ely prediction Ah, early OSRS servers <3 3rd age kiteshield ARPKing for Dalek Cookie in a high-risk world, I end up having to skull while risking AGS, telling her to log but she just goes ahead and takes her time to pick up the box traps and stuff My SML features:
  6. YFW

  7. AIght I claim the win, new round Roll
  8. Some people say that PKers who kill skillers and PvMers suck at PKing. I'm here to prove them right.