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  1. Oh wow, you actually apped hello!
  2. Yeah I'd say scroll wins, so Lilf gets to start the next round
  3. a short time later I could get used to this whole magic thing
  4. I need 2 more smithing levels
  5. Atm I'm on 665 but I've been a bit dry of big drops as of recent, I got all four of the above at <400
  6. 7:57 PM - Ancient Crystal 9:45 PM - Ancient Totem 10:00 PM - Ancient Emblem 3:58 AM - Ancient Statuette Is it normal to get all 4 of the ancient drops and make well over 10m on the first day of doing rev caves?
  7. Snuggles with flüfcat
  8. The cat returns
  9. Cat

  10. Fucks sake flux lmao Toll