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  1. So they haven't actually confirmed it's Jed? What if we've got this all wrong and it's actually Kieren https://gyazo.com/6cfed43181f2e944d7c4938d0844cdaf
  2. Vio

    no problem comrade, now go marry her and produce soldiers to fight for the motherland
  3. Vio

    "cyka blyat idi nahui rush marriage"
  4. Vio

  5. Vio

    I remember u
  6. Vio

    I like this guy
  7. Vio

    I had a car called Winston that also died a couple months ago, RIP to both our Winstons
  8. Vio

    Don't need it because I have a job and disposable income
  9. Vio

    October 16th, 2009
  10. Vio

    Well almost, but he let me buy the 15 year cape today anyway.
  11. Vio

    Not sure if it's just me, but now I can't seem to reply to any forum posts or start topics using Firefox, on any of the different themes. Left is FF where the box just doesn't appear, right is Chrome where it works fine