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  1. Vio

    I've had flufcat for about 2 years now
  2. Vio

    This is me Casually recruiting clanmates from 11 years ago
  3. Vio


  4. Vio

  5. Vio

    2 atm. Been meaning to get a 3rd for quite a while now, but I'll also need to upgrade my GPU as I think my current one is about to catch on fire.
  6. Vio

    Love, rage, hash, facepalm and thinking would be my top pics
  7. Vio

    Amethystia v2 in progress, release date Winter 2017 also can we get some more options for these
  8. Vio

    Welcome, you're about to become one of the big fish
  9. Vio

    A newspost that gives us absolutely no information whatsoever, nice
  10. Vio

    " A new right-click option has been added that lets players toggle which option will appear when left-clicking the spellbook and portals. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to make that toggle apply to inventory items too. " How is it that Runelite can do this, but Jagex can't?
  11. Dixie aka Flopcat 2004 - 2018
  12. Vio

    "Finally - make sure get the best deal for this summer in RuneScape with the Summer Special packages – grab 3 months' membership for the price of 2, or enjoy our new package, with 6 months' membership for the price of 5." So spend less and save 33%, or spend more and save 17%? Jagex what
  13. Why are we just standing around doing nothing? This kid can't comprehend the idea of 2 people in 1 room, he starts attacking all the ones I attack and they aggro on him, so I turn my prayer off And so we just stand around not attacking any Fake world switch He didn't bring any alt So upset he started googling me lmao. And then he logged, didn't even last 10 minutes. GG, Vio wins again. Lesson learned: don't try and be more of a retard than me because I will fucking go to war with you and you will lose.
  14. Yeah I was on the normal spellbook so couldn't actually brid