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  1. Hell yeah, ive forgotten a lot tho!
  2. Another Dutchie, good to see
  3. Welcome bud
  4. Good to see you in an event already!
  5. Welcome
  6. Welcome But like the others said you're gonna have to put some effort in
  7. Welcome
  8. Welcome
  9. Currently at Abu Dhabi in my first season (haas). Lucked into some good positions during the season which got me to 7th in the drivers standings but 8&9 are on my heels and will most likely overtake me as i've only gotten 2 points in my last 3 races.
  10. Only other game i really play is f1 2017 so probably that.
  11. Welcome!
  12. Its probably me getting them confused as i missed a few lol
  13. Al kharid games comes to mind lol
  14. Literally every dmm final has been a joke so far...
  15. Welcome!