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  1. game over?
  2. nah cat
  3. cosign So what do I win?
  4. stool
  5. Already said Current word still: Toot
  6. Toot
  7. Soot
  8. Boot
  9. Loan
  10. nope cat
  11. Meanwhile......
  12. Wonder how much claws and tassys were back then damn. Can't believe people PK in that.
  13. Read the instructions what to do next. Pretty sure you have to PM the leader or app manager on discord to have them review it once you post is 3 days old, which obviously it is.
  14. You made me exhale through my nose quickly with this one. I like you.
  15. I think the top guys (and myself) would like to see a little more info in you application please.