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  1. nope cat
  2. Meanwhile......
  3. Wonder how much claws and tassys were back then damn. Can't believe people PK in that.
  4. Read the instructions what to do next. Pretty sure you have to PM the leader or app manager on discord to have them review it once you post is 3 days old, which obviously it is.
  5. You made me exhale through my nose quickly with this one. I like you.
  6. I think the top guys (and myself) would like to see a little more info in you application please.
  7. Me and @Frozen_10 having our own hair growing comp over here. Intentionally bad quality pic so the photoshop is harder to discern =P
  8. Nahh Pats had enough their time is ovaaaa
  9. Nice app. I've got some 3rd age I'd like you to trim if you could pls =P
  10. Lets goooooooo! Titans win!
  11. ewww pats fan, grosssss =P
  12. Anyone in the clan follow American football? Curious to see peoples playoff predictions this year. I'm personally a Tennessee Titans fan (sad i know) and I'm excited for our first playoff berth in 10 years, though I don't think they'll make it past the first or second round. I think the Eagles would have went all the way if not for Wentz going down, now I think its gonna be another boring year of Tom Brady or Big Ben getting yet another ring. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. no mojo now
  14. Sorry I'm a millennial, what is a CD? =P
  15. Ive been seeing on reddit lots of issues with Chinese players in N/A servers hacking