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  1. Support! Nice app and good luck!
  2. Any drag axes in the kc?
  3. Northwest PA? Nice I'm also from PA!
  4. I need to learn this boss
  5. Mole by far. Easily over 1m an hour without being max combat stats. Very easy to do.
  6. Welcome! Hope to do some PvM with you.
  7. I haven't done enough runs with DH to know well enough. Maybe someone else could chime in.
  8. This is going to be a guide of how I have personally been doing Nightmare Zone for the hundreds of hours I have put in so far. I know this is not the best possible exp per hour or the most AFK method but it is what I have found to be the best mix of the two. *Note this method is expensive ~190k per 2.5 hr run (including 26k cost of dream) Getting into it Required quests: Holy Grail (Black Knight Titan) Fight Arena (Bouncer) Lost City (Tree Spirit) In Search of the Myreque (Skeletal Hellhound) Vampire Slayer (Count Draynor) Slug Menace (Proselyte armor; buy from Sir Tiffy in Faldor Park after quest) Rum Deal (Holy Wrench) Inventory: Holy wrench for 1 extra prayer point per sip Granite maul for power surge power-up 8 (32 doses) of overload Fill with super restores (prayer potions also work but timing works better with the super restores) Armor: Proselyte for head, chest, and legs Weapon of your choice with dragon defender in offhand Fire cape (if no fire cape then use ardougne cape for prayer bonus) Any blessing for ammo slot Fury for neck or glory Barrows gloves (use combat bracelet for gloves slot if you haven't done recipe for disaster) Berserker ring (if you can't afford then get warriors ring; note warrior ring only increases slash attack-style accuracy) Now that you have all required quests and gear it's time to head to nightmare zone. Easiest way there is minigame teleport. At Nightmare Zone If you have never been to nightmare zone before then you will have to add coins to the coifer in order to do a dream. The coifer is located on the south opening of the gate into the pen where the barrels are. It is going to cost 26k per dream and this will be taken from the coifer once the dream has been started. To set up the dream talk to Dominic. Ask him to set up your own dream. Choose rumble Choose customisable - hard Your type of dream is now set. From here go inside the pen and drink from the potion standing inside. This will open a screen where you choose which bosses you would like to fight in the dream. *Note after this step the dream begins so make sure you have all your gear and inventory items before doing this* I personally choose: Black Knight Titan Bouncer Tree Spirit Skeletal Hellhound Count Draynor These are interchangeable, so long as the bosses you choose only use melee. I would only recommend swapping out the Black Knight Titan from the bosses I have since the rest all have low defensive stats. Okay so now your geared up, dream is set and its time to go. Once in the dream run to the middle. Wait until the monsters spawn to drink your overload and turn on protect from melee. From here it is just drinking a dose of over load and two sips of whatever you've brought to restore prayer. I personally do not bother with any power-ups except power surge. when it spawns i switch to maul BEFORE clicking the power up. The reason I do this is so that as i run to the power up I can turn on Piety as prayer actions won't cancel out the action of activating the power-up. Once the power up ends turn of piety, re-prayer and go back to AFK. This is the experience I gained from 2 runs today using this exact setup and method. If you got this far in the guide I appreciate you taking the time to read it. This is my first major post on the forums so please excuse anything i may have left out or any formatting issues. I'm open to any questions or suggestions on better formatting. And again this is not supposed to be an end-all nightmare zone guide, its just my personal strategy and people seemed to have an interest in the clan chat. Cheers - Kn0t
  9. Welcome Willy!
  10. Hey man you gonna talk to an admin and get accepted? lol
  11. Just afk. No xp waste fam.
  12. Hey Sucio! Welcome!
  13. Hey Toby! Welcome!
  14. In order to live to 254 years old you first have to be 24 years old. Then forget how old you are and type 25, but then also forget to backspace and just put the 4 after the 5 cause extra key strokes are xp waste.
  15. kn0t a bot What is your current RS name? kn0t a bot List any previous RS names: themamasboi welcomexhel My stats: Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started first playing in 2006. Played till about 2009. In 2015 stupidly decided to try botting since I thought I was a smart guy and never gonna play again anyway. Got my main accounts from childhood banned =[ Decided to start fresh again early in 2017 and made my name based on my past mistakes. Tell us about your clan history. Never have been part of the clan community in rs. Tell us about your yourself. 254 year old male from Pennsylvania, USA. Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in May. Currently still apllying so for the time being I have lots of time to play. While I was in school i had a job that allowed me to play over 16 hours a day so I got some serious grinding done. How did you hear about us? Posted on reddit looking to learn bossing and someone reached out to me What makes you want to join us? I've been in the clan chat for a few weeks now and i really like the guys. I also like the daily events. Everyone is very nice and helpful and best of all NO DRAMA. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I botted in the past on main accounts from childhood thinking i was done with the game and i was a smart college student who jagex couldnt touch. Lost my 2 original accounts, more than learned my lesson. I've put so much time into this account now I would NEVER even consider botting again.