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  1. Welcome have you ever been in any clans?
  2. Halfway there
  3. 92 fishing
  4. Welcome
  5. books

    Just ordered the new corey taylor book. Any book that he has written will have you laughing your ass off from start to finish
  6. Havent been updating much. I got 67 agility 64 attack 64 hits 64 range and 73 magic. I will post some screenshots later.
  7. Never really played it tbh
  8. Congrats buddy
  9. Sounds sick
  10. Welcome tyler
  11. Yeah no way in hell I got the reflexes to pull some of them moves off rofl
  12. I remember playing this on gamecube back in the day fun stuff. Very interesting to watch as well.
  13. Welcome
  14. I really should be watching this
  15. If you can dodge traffic you can dodge a ball