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  1. Welcome
  2. Welcome dude, looks like you'll fit right in
  3. only pics i can find but my RNG is weird at times
  4. Gotta be the worst app ive ever seen, no offence but as genesis said you dont agree to our rules LOL
  5. Only problem with the discord is theres this annoying guy called mojo in it, he should be kicked.
  6. Gratz man, i struggled to pay enough attention to even get 50 con lmao
  7. Welcome dude.
  8. Completely agree with mojo, not much point coming on trips if your just gonna 1 item, ruins our reputation.
  9. We should rename da man to da afk skiller man
  10. Welcome
  11. Welcome, nice app.
  12. Welcome
  13. Might wunna put in a bit more effort on your app, take a look at others to get an idea what to say.
  14. I didnt GET IN. Loyal player since 2004 and no invite.