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  1. I was going to suggest MSI as thats what i have, real cheap and all i really do is play rs, but can run fallout 4 on highest settings @ 60fps. And it only cost me £360 brand new.
  2. Thanks for the advice, although i never capitalise anything when logging in, its just that nearly everyday i have to disconnect and reconnect to my wifi due to use a range extender and it messes up daily. All my password were different thats the thing, its because they got my email that they got into everything as its all linked to that.
  3. So 2 days ago i tried to login, password incorrect, tried a couple more times to make sure it wasnt bad typing and still nothing, went to recover account via email, then realised my email was hacked. So recovered that, then recovered my runescape account, logged in and well this is all that was left In the last picture is what i have now after having 6m or so on my alt and after doing some barrows. Still annoyed that im about 70-80m down though, but ill make it back. And for anyone wondering, authenticator was turned off as everytime i turned my pc on it would ask for the pin again even enabling 30 day remember me. Now ive enabled it and changed every password and added more security to my email and rs account. Also on a side note, it wasnt just those that were hacked, all my social media (facebook, instagram, twitter) were hacked aswell as snapchat. Luckily my paypal wasnt though
  4. Heres a video done by my friend aswell on the skyline. Contains alot of swearing as it scared the sh*t out of him haha
  5. Love that FD, friends got one that he's doing a widebody build on but he won't show me pictures of it haha. Anyway let's start my list First we have me lexus is200, it was supercharged aswell but got bored, so now has a hks turbo Next is my 1993 nissan skyline R32, was running 700bhp ish before it blew up a couple months ago, this weekend I'll be putting another engine in Now those are the notable 2 that I own, own an old Mercedes diesel, starlet kp61, Mazda 323 4x4 turbo. Oh and also own this MK2 fiesta thats built for track use, old picture but has alot more done than shown here, rollcage, harnesses etc. Spent the equivalent off $5000 just on suspension parts alone on this, and hasnt seen daylight in about 2 years haha
  6. Welcome dude
  7. Whalecome
  8. Nope. Lait
  9. Welcome dude!
  10. Never used to up till seeing a clip of DBS on facebook, now i cant get enough, watched all 107 episodes in like a week. Next episode is gonna be amazing
  11. Welcome!
  12. I kinda got typing and didnt know when to stop lmao.
  13. Willzy What is your current RS name? Willzy List any previous RS names: Previous names: 007baby0 Wlllzy Alt: Wllzy My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/Willzy.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Think i started playing late 2004, played all the way up until eoc then quit, came back the day osrs was released and played for a month or so then personal problems caused me to stop playing up until about 2 months ago, Been playing every day since then. Havent really done any PVP yet as still training my account but back in the old days thats all i would do. All im doing ATM is just training so no real favourite things to do yet, although theres alot of things im gonna try with better stats. Tell us about your clan history. Well if i can remember rightly, my first clan was called TKOA (The knights of anubis i think) although i was like level 70 when i was in that. Then once i hit 100 cmb i joined TBE (The british Elites) and stayed with them for a good few years and was a recruiter and warlord for a week or so then quit runescape for a couple months, then came back and rejoined them. At the same time as being in tbe, the last year or so i was in ancient fury on another account, just so i could pk more I can remember doing a few events with WG back in the past as they were allies and thats the main reason im applying to join here now. Tell us about your yourself. Well my names ben, but everyone calls me willzy (My last name is wills and its a nickname that stuck), from england isle of wight, im 23. Dont have a job due to health problems and being disabled, but i do live on a farm so i pretty much work here. My only hobby is cars and computers, mainly cars. I own about 7 cars atm but that goes up and down alot. In the middle of rebuilding my nissan skyline r32 drift car, go on quite a few drift events and im hoping to compete in the future once the cars done. How did you hear about us? Suppose you could say TBE What makes you want to join us? Well since coming back, i have no one to talk to as all my old friends have quit or just not heard that OSRS exists now. As i said before, i know WG well from the past when TBE and WG used to do events together. So i want to join to make friends as i have none. How sad. Insert meme. If you can remember WG back then, or were in it or TBE i may remember you, although on my actual log in name 007baby0. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Well back in about 09, i botted a bit, got a warning then never did it again.