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  8. I CE Y Tell us about yourself. hello one hello all i am young Icey a brave warrior and lord of the sand casino. I started playing back in like 2007 or whenever RS was popping on Miniclip after watching my irl best mate train on barbarians with a rune pickaxe and full adamant and thinking to myself, you know what.. I fancy getting my hands on one of those badass pickaxes l0l. 22 from Leeds love watching Boxing/UFC/any type of combat sport really, work part time and go drinking every now and then Clan history. Some pleb clan called DG Another pleb clan called WG Small multi team history, too many to name but quite a few weren't anything official. #Giraffe How did you hear about us? From W27 back in the day and His Lordship's beautiful youtube voice Do you plan to join? Bloody nora I only just left! Any last comments? mangetouts Also got an ironman called 25 7 in reference to how much i actually no life this game hehehhhh.