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  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Update for online: Weapons are a bit lack luster. like Suffud said either run around with a SMG or the STG-44 or snipe. I dont see anyone else using anything other than those weapons, I havent had an issues with matching I get into the games quickly (not even 30 seconds and I play on Xbox). Map design is a little meh, most maps are small close quarters or something along the lines of that but Im not too picky with it.
  3. So far I like the game! Got a nice feel to it, its very face paced it feels compared to some other CoDs. Graphics are pretty good too, looks nice and clean.
  4. I'm downloading it as I type! Ill let you know my thoughts on the multiplayer and single player. From what i have heard and read, some people didnt like the campaign all that much saying it wasnt too historically correct (but I saw others say it was people overreacting) In all fairness it is a FPS and the CoD franchise to they arent too well renowned for "historical accuracy". But Ive seen some good things about the multiplayer and how they took a step in a good direction with the new HQ system, but Ill respond once more in probably 2-3 hours with a little more insight as to what I think! (I'm a huge CoD fan and have played them since Big Red on the original Xbox) and I agree with the last few disappointing me as well. I dont even think I played the infinity warfare one, I only got it for the CoD remastered.
  5. Appreciate it! Im gonna start working on the barrows gloves now! hopefully ill get them somewhat soon lol
  6. Im looking to improve my account because.. well lets be honest, it needs A TON of work, Im not a skiller at ALL, but I realize I need to do it to progress in the game, so i figured id ask everyone here what would be some things I should improve on first? I'd prefer to tackle a skill one at a time, maybe train it like 3-4 hours a day and then jump back on to my slayer task or something. I also need to quest but that will be another adventure for another time Any and All help/tips is appreciated! Cant afford to train with GP because I dont have much to spare (please show mercy before you rip me apart for this noobie account )
  7. Woah nice setup! I play my pc games on a Benq 1920x1080 Monitor. I used to play it on a 37" Flat screen but decided to go back to monitors because I missed my Dual monitors lol. Epic man cave though! need to get me one of those
  8. lol good Costumes! Didnt get to do anything since I worked through it
  9. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! Appreciate the positive vibes
  10. Suppliee What is your current RS name? Supplier List any previous RS names: 1020344 My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/Supplier.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing os back in a believe 07 and played it religiously with some friends of mine from school, i played it for about 2 years or so until I eventually focused on school a little more, then came back to it recently. After noticing i didnt like RS3 I came back to OS and created a new account, and Ive been playing for about 5 months now. Id really like to get into PVM but at the moment I dont have the skill levels for it so at the moment Id like to join just to be in the community until I get to the levels for PVM Tell us about your clan history. Dont have any clan history actually. Tell us about your yourself. Well, currently im a 21 year old Chef who enjoys video games! Ive played them since I was very young and consider myself pretty talented.I mainly played only console games, the xbox to be exact but in highschool friends of mine told me to get a pc so I built a pc to play some games with them (things like WoW and League) I enjoy talking it up with people and helping out in anyway possible! How did you hear about us? It was actually a RS friend of mine who I met when i started playing again on RS, he is Kn0T A Bot What makes you want to join us? Well I wanted to join a clan and since my friend recommended you guys I figured id check it out! I see this is a long lasting clan back from 03 and just the process alone to join makes me like it here, the time and effort you guys put into allowing someone to join makes me believe that everyone here WANTS to be here which is why id like to join! Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I have before shared an account with my friend back in middle school and also botted said account with him, but this current account is the one I created in 07 and have not done anything of the sort on it, I believe it does have previous mutes from when I was hacked i believe and it advertised? But since then with my friend I havent done any Botting, RWT or anything of the sort