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  1. Yeah that was a good shout
  2. 3.5m split between @Imitus @Geitekaas and myself
  3. Also got this bad boy, first raid of the day, followed by 3 other drops
  4. Just got this today, me @LVMH and @Geitekaas. Gave it to Vutton to stake it to double it, the kid lost the stake....last time we do that
  5. badboy arcane again, juicy 3m split
  6. Hey man
  7. not bad considering i was a potato at olm
  8. Stop skilling so much
  9. Another dex with @Imitus and @LVMH, juicy 20m split
  10. Goodluck dude
  11. we going up bois
  12. Some of those on reddit have made me crease to be honest
  13. yo
  14. hey man
  15. Awesome, I really need to learn raids to be honest. How are they when you start soloing?