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  1. Hey, welcome!
  2. Concert by Vicror Coy. 1962 - 1990
  3. Hey, welcome!
  4. books

    Hmm, thats interestening.
  5. books

    Heh, if I'll find him in shop, gonna buy one. Explains a lot
  6. books

    What books can you recommend for reading? I am a big fan of Stephen King. Read a lot of hes books. And won't stop, untill I finish em all. Also russian and some other classic. Not sure if you heard of Teodor Drayzer, Mihail Bulgakov, Grigory Polanker, Boris Vasilyev, etc ^^' The Catcher in the Rye, The Da Vinci Code, Bernar Werber - Imperia of angels and other books. Atm reading Agatha Christie. Want to take a break from horror/classic books. Any suggestions on what to read next? After Christie I'm planning to read Erich Marie Remarque. But got only one small book of him. So all in suggestions, what to buy/read next.
  7. You can download "gameranger" and play via it. Always a lot of people there for a lot of games that seem dead ^^
  8. Nice love story And gz on 200 qp
  9. Eh. I play 1st versions
  10. Hey, welcome!
  11. Hey, welcome!
  12. Hey, welcome! Nice app!
  13. Post best movies you ever watched. There r so much shit movies nowadays and so lot of movies with actors who deserve an oscar but didnt get one. Ill start the list: Musa 2001 (warrior 2001) Running Scared 1408
  14. Hey,welcome!