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  1. Back. No relax. Gf's granny died.
  2. Ook Ook Frozen
  3. Searching for mushrooms, ey? I think you've had enough
  4. I'm away for 2 weeks. Gonna relax in SPA.
  5. С Новым Годом! (title) Really nice to see that clan growed up so much, since I joined it. Hopefully in this New Year we will gain a lot of new awesome russian* members. And hope you guys have a lot of fun. Remember. If your a WG member, this year will be more awesome than last one. Trust me, I know. P.s coniag, martini, cmapange... hopefully you guys doing better ^^ P.s.s @Frozen_10 choose a day this year, like you promissed for ds2!
  6. Fine, you know how to find right words. Fixed.
  7. You guys can find my old app if needed. But I don't see any poit of it, since most of you know me^^ Anyway, Happy New Yeaaaar!!!!! My head will kill me tomorrow...
  8. i HOPE YOU realise what drunk russian can tell you? Same thing as for frozen.
  9. Tell me somethig you don;t know about me. Im ready to quit already, tbh.
  10. Cat

  11. Fuck off, Sjored (still love you)
  12. Adult Cat What is your current RS name? Adult Cat List any previous RS names: Wg Mojo My stats: Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Russian. Drunk. Young. Just like Dr House. Plaing since late 2004. Quite known in WG as drunk russian, who didn't got banned and also got asked to return. Tell us about your clan history. Sarcasm is my way of talking. I got banned from many many clans when quitted this clan. So try to deal with me, I'm not bad, when not drunk))) Tell us about your yourself. Drunk russian, old member of WG, emotional and always young nd drunk How did you hear about us? I think Ive found you on forums What makes you want to join us? Mojo asked nicely Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Yeah, most of times I'm drunk. But always nice)
  13. Cat

    Im not sure about you, though. We need to talk cat language.
  14. Cat

    Well. since you ask so nicely.