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  1. Adult Cat

    Спасибо, брат. У тебя лучшие советы.
  2. Adult Cat

  3. Adult Cat

    And give her a banana after.
  4. Adult Cat

    Meh, and how do u see it?
  5. Okay. My pretty russian girl will visit me in october. I bought a gold ring with diamond and need to think a way to offer her to marry me. Romantic stuff and all the sht about it. Im not romantic at all though, unless i want put someone in bed. So.. suggestions r welcome!
  6. Adult Cat

    Okay. Just call it Bi (cos noob americans who don't want names of alcohol r something like that)
  7. Adult Cat

    Knew u were botting all this time. Reported and gz
  8. Adult Cat

  9. Adult Cat

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  11. Adult Cat

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  14. Adult Cat

    Well, since I lended you my 3 tbows and billions of gp - yea. Time to give em back though
  15. Adult Cat

    I'm playing since late 2004. Never been hacked. Used only rs client (now using runelite, cos don't care bout game). Don't have bank pin/auth. Playing fine. If you visit some phishing links, bots, private servers - you will be hacked 100% And its ur fucking problem.