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  1. Played for like 3 months during WotLK. Never really got geared fully tho. Only a couple of my RL friends played runescape with me and only one still plays. Most of them grew up playing WoW so I’d really like to try it whenever they get these classic servers up to play with my friends who grew up on vanilla / BC
  2. Dota 2 is the only obsession that has rivaled RS for me. Even attended The International @ Seattle last summer. Have not attended a runefest...yet
  3. Both of my dogs growing up (pugs) passed away within the past 18 months , but they lived a long happy life. Id love to get a dog of my own, but living alone and traveling once a month minimum is pretty prohibitive.
  4. Hey

  5. lmao the a qp Weeds is great
  6. I fuckin hate the pats but I just cant see them losing tbh. That eagles D is good, but its just so hard to keep Brady down for 4 quarters. I know this especially well as a jets fan. Ill be rooting my heart out for the eagles but if I were a gambling man, I'm taking the pats and laying the points. Game flow will keep it tight early, maybe even an early lead by the eagles. Pats take the lead before the half, or early in the 3rd Q and they hold it near that margin. A late 4th Q TD seals it. Pats 27- Eagles 13
  7. Dota 2 is probably the game that got me hooked after runescape, haven't played it as much since TI ended and no new battlepass. I've bought a bunch of games on steam sale that I'm trying to play at some point. Never played Fallout games so I bought some of 3 and New Vegas. Been playing Civ 5 the past few days after a spontaneous decision for me and some IRL friends to play it for like 6 hours on sunday. Was playing pubg for awhile but I only play it with my friends, kind of tired of it now, wont really play unless im pressured to. Steam name: Beast Rebels of the Hellscape
  8. I tend to ramble sometimes.
  9. Thank you all. Happy to be here!
  10. Ssnatch It What is your current RS name? Ssnatch It List any previous RS names: Maxact145 and a variety of F2P Pking accounts... all of these being now RS3 accounts but inactive for I'd wager over 8 years. What is your total level and combat level? 1486 total 94 combat Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing runescape in 2005 and got a membership about a year after playing. The account I play on was not mine to start, if I am being quite honest. I was wandering around aimless in runescape at level 23ish when someone in Lumbridge said that they were quitting runescape and getting rid of their account. Seeing as they were level 38 and I was 23 I eagerly accepted to take the account off their hands and find a bank full of money. Alas, the account was broke and skills were even worse than mine. But for some reason, I decided to start training on this new account that had come into my possession called Ssnatch It. That was 13 years ago and this account has always been my main since. I never changed the name, I have no idea what it means, and I never plan on changing it. My favorite thing in RS is questing, and I recently finished Dragon Slayer 2 which makes me very happy and sad. I plan on getting all my skills to 60 and then work on getting my combat up to do the higher level PVM I never did as a kid. Tell us about your clan history. Probably about a million RS forum clans that I joined or helped create, and a few failed ones me and my friends would try to transition to an invisionfree board. My major tenure in a clan was TDM which i was on and off with for multiple years. I started playing again a year ago after a multi year break and I do not believe I was in any clans since OSRS started (if I did it was for a very short tenure). Tell us about your yourself. My name is Max, I'm 25 and I live in Houston, Texas. I graduated from university in Philadelphia, and after moving back home to New York for 3 years, I relocated for work here a little less than a year ago. I work in insurance. I'm a huge sports fan and I travel a lot. Between weekend getaways, business trips and vacations I am on the road 1-3 times per month. How did you hear about us? RSC/name recognition What makes you want to join us? I have recently reached my goal in RS that I set when I returned, the quest cape, and am looking for some Friends in this game as my buddy who prodded me into returning is now hardly active. I wanted to join one of the clans that I recognized from back in the day, as I have played this game for so long and often pine for the days before efficiencyscape. I hope there are people here who enjoy reminiscing. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: No botting No spying No RWT I have for sure scammed people in my tween/teen days but I have for sure lost more money from being scammed than gained from it myself. Nowadays I mostly keep to myself in this game.