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  1. Ssnatch It

    Beta isnt fully open, I think they just released it to 10K
  2. Ssnatch It

    another new quest, sweet
  3. Ssnatch It

    Good here, but Xfinity can be inconsistent as hell tho, swear they started fuckin with my internet after I removed their 25Mbps "Speed booster"
  4. Ssnatch It

    I work in insurance, nothing super exciting, just very corporate atmostphere
  5. Ssnatch It

    I've lived in Houston for close to 1.5 years now after being offered a promotion at my job to relocate from NY to Houston. In that time, my performance has definitely not been up to par and my relationship with my boss deteriorated significantly. We really aren't known as a company to fire many people, most of the people let go have been execs who have been given buyouts or to lay people off, but my boss has fired 2 people in the last 3 years, which is significant for a team of 5 people. I had been given a pretty significant moving package to come down here, and was very nervous about being fired as I would owe the company a portion of this package if that happened. It all started to boil up in the past week, when I was sent an email on Friday being accused of insubordination based on a series of events that I think were completely overblown. Anyway, fast forward to Monday, I consulted with many people and came up with an email to minimize the accusations and defend myself, while not attacking my boss. I also asked to set up a 1 on 1 with her later in the week to discuss my future. She softened her tone a bunch on her response, so I felt a bit better. But in my heart I knew that being down here is a ticking time bomb, I was never going to live up to her expectations and eventually I would be let go. So today, I finally got to sit down with her and had prepared a whole narrative about how I wanted to find a different position in the company that better utilizes my strengths (I work for a large, multinational company). When I sat down in her office, I let her talk first and the first thing she asked me was if I was happy with my job and if I would be happier doing something else. We immediately agreed that I would be better utilized elsewhere and that she would help me move into a new role! I had been so nervous on how she would take this meeting and I am super happy right now, not only because of the money aspect but because I truly do enjoy working for this company as a whole. I had poor performance reviews from her in the past, and I was worried that these would hinder me from moving on in the company, but she is completely on board to actually help me pursue a new job which is huge for me. I know this topic is very random and doesnt really leave a lot of room for discussion but I'm just super relieved right now and wanted a place to write it all down.
  6. Ssnatch It

    What a crazy series of events today! Germany OUT
  7. Ssnatch It

    Thanks for the work you do. cant be easy running this site. will report any issues i find
  8. Ssnatch It

    I travel a lot, so I'll just start with where I have been recently and where I am going soon (I live in Houston) 2018 New York Philadelphia Palm Beach County, FL Jacksonville Orlando (Epcot) Miami Beach (Ultra Music Festival) New Orleans (multiple) Austin (multiple times) San Antonio (multiple, Final 4) Dallas Planned for rest of 2018: LA Aruba New York (multiple) Oklahoma City Dallas for Red River Shootout Austin (multiple) Tampa/St. Pete Overall in my life, Ive traveled to the majority of the continental US, 10+ European Countries, and some Caribbean islands
  9. Ssnatch It

    I used to play arcanists and the soccer game a lot back when it first came out RIP
  10. Ssnatch It

    Played for like 3 months during WotLK. Never really got geared fully tho. Only a couple of my RL friends played runescape with me and only one still plays. Most of them grew up playing WoW so I’d really like to try it whenever they get these classic servers up to play with my friends who grew up on vanilla / BC
  11. Ssnatch It

    Dota 2 is the only obsession that has rivaled RS for me. Even attended The International @ Seattle last summer. Have not attended a runefest...yet
  12. Ssnatch It

    Both of my dogs growing up (pugs) passed away within the past 18 months , but they lived a long happy life. Id love to get a dog of my own, but living alone and traveling once a month minimum is pretty prohibitive.
  13. Ssnatch It