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  1. whathefook

    Good Luck!
  2. whathefook

    Welcome man, any questions just message me in game or on here.
  3. Vacation was nice. Great to be back and online. 

  4. I will be offline for a few days. The Wife's grandmother is getting terribly sick. So we are going to tennesse to visit her for the weekend and help with what we can. I will be back Monday or around Tuesday timeframe. 

  5. whathefook

    Hahah loving the name and both shows man. Goood to have you here man. Cant wait to see you in game.
  6. whathefook

    Welcome back Markiee. Good to have you again.
  7. whathefook

    Good luck on the application process man. It’s worth it for OSRS.
  8. whathefook

    Welcome billy!
  9. whathefook

    Welcome to the clan man! Glad to read the application. Good luck!
  10. whathefook

    Come on man! Put some meat on the application. Either way welcome to the forums!
  11. whathefook

    That’s a great app! Welcome!
  12. whathefook

    Welcome to the forums bud!
  13. whathefook

    Hahah congratulations. Funny ass video.
  14. whathefook

    I've never used any 3rd Party clients. Nothing to worry about on my end. It might hopefully make them realize they can improve the current OG Client by just adding a few things to it.
  15. whathefook

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to the forums.