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  1. I couldn't even begin to guess... hundreds of hours 😆
  2. I finally reached my goal of 99 slayer. Will I stop slaying now? No 😂
  3. Welcome dude
  4. Grats!!!
  5. Welcome 😁
  6. Welcome 😀
  7. I got a void ranger I'm currently working on 65cmb with 71 ranged and full void
  8. Welcome 😁
  9. You could always collect d bones and hides for money to fund your pure
  10. Some pipe in the back seat
  11. Grats man!
  12. Congrats dude that's awesome
  13. On here or discord?
  14. Yessir
  15. Caught a fish that had some of his guts poking out from a prior run in with something that wanted to eat him