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  1. On Thursday 30th August we'll be launching the final iOS beta. It's invite-only. Sign-ups are now open, until Monday 20th August. Sign-up now! View the full article
  2. This week sees the release of changes to the Duel Arena to combat rule-breaking, exciting news about the iOS beta and some mobile changes. View the full article
  3. The Autumn Finals begin on Saturday 8th September & the Winter Season begins Saturday 15th September. We unveil the addition of the Ancient Warriors' equipment! View the full article
  4. This week sees the release of the first changes from the recent PvP Changes and Upcoming Poll Blog. View the full article
  5. In preparation for the full release of Old School Mobile, later this afternoon we'll be allowing all Canadian users access to the Android app! View the full article
  6. Last week we revealed that we would like to offer Making Friends with My Arm. Learn about this Experienced quest and the proposed rewards. View the full article
  7. Jump into the Tournament world and test your PvP skills with whatever stats you like and a plethora of gear setups to choose from! View the full article
  8. Today's game update sees the arrival of four new unique Revenant drops. Twitch Prime is live later today. How about Making Friends with My Arm? View the full article
  9. OSRS News

    Between Thursday 26th July - Thursday 6th September members of Twitch Prime can claim one free month of membership and get access to a new skin colour! View the full article
  10. This blog takes a loot at the new team structure, PvP changes and new poll questions! View the full article
  11. This week sees the addition of deposit boxes to banks which previously didn't have one. There are a lot of mobile updates as a result of your great feedback! View the full article
  12. There's 30 minutes of maintenance beginning at approximately 10:30am BST on Wednesday 18th July. View the full article
  13. This week's update brings with it much of the content offered by the latest content poll. Plus it sees the arrival of the most anticipated integrity change! View the full article
  14. An update on the status of Old School RuneScape. View the full article
  15. New game worlds, another game integrity change, plus the usual array of fixes! View the full article