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    I used to be pretty big into it. Now I watch some once in a while if something catches my eye. Been a while since I've watched anything, also always been more into manga. I still keep up with some of the more popular manga nowadays.
  2. Renikins

    Hey man saw you in the cc a bit ago. Hope you'll be able to join in on our pk trips soon.
  3. Renikins

    Welcome home Ranma. I still remember being under your leadership in DG the second time. Glad to have you coming back.
  4. Renikins

    Currently in a 1 month old long distance relationship. Hopefully gonna be visiting her again this month some time. Otherwise it'll be in September.
  5. Renikins

    Did some organising ... Still pretty bad but good enough for me for now.
  6. Loving this update to the looting bag, including the cost reduction!
  7. Renikins

    You'll hate it once they start levelling it though. Before you know it you'll be wondering how the heck they got up the kitchen tops. Also welcome
  8. Renikins

    So you start doing DKs on slayer tasks, because you want to earn enough money for rigour. Almost 500 kills in and no archers or bring yet ... but I did get this:
  9. Renikins

    I've been to: - The Netherlands - France - Germany - Luxemburg - Austria - Denmark - Hungary - Czechia - Spain - Italy - Greece - Sweden - England - Scotland - Turkey It's a small world here in europe.
  10. Renikins

    Welcome man, good luck on the application process.
  11. Renikins

    What can I say. I like to be loved.
  12. Renikins

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Renikins What is your current RS name? Renikins List any previous RS names: On this account only one: Nota a noob. My other, original account, went by Renegade3540, Rehnay and Rehnaay. What is your total level and combat level? Combat level: 109 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Well most of my account history is with the Renegade3540 account, so I'll tell that story first. I was originally a strictly f2p only player for what is I'd say close to 3 years before I got my first membership. I also joined my first clan during this period in august 2005 and remember having to grind every week to get a rune set to go on a pk trip with. I loved mining back then (oh how the times have changed) and to not have to compete with bots I would mine in rimmington mine and bank the ore in falador west bank. Eventually though I bought membership and continued playing on and off for multiple years. During this time I focused on clanning still while working on maxing my combat and trying to get hunter to be my first non combat 99 because I loved catching chins for some reason.. I stopped playing runescape in roughly 2012 for quite some time. Logging in once in a while, sometimes every few, once even over a year. This changed in 2015. I kind of seriously returned to RS3 in 2015 and I started to slowly make progress to maxing my account and getting various pvming achievements. I didn't nearly play as much as I used to, and even had a few months sometimes inbetween playing sprees, but I was back. Near the end of 2015 I joined a clan called Valhalla Rising, I felt like I finally found a family again and I loved every minute I spent in there, even working my way up to admin and being amongst the leading council for them. Most of 2016 and the start of 2017 while I was actively playing the games was spent on enjoying the game together with this clan. It was during the start of 2017 that I started to get a feel for wanting to play old school though, but I wasn't ready to give up on my main account on RS3 just yet. This is why I started afking things on oldschool on my old nota a noob account. It was the account that I made ages ago to be my first pure and when I first came back to RS3 I even levelled this account up first since I had lost acces to my original account at the time. At first I just did wcing, and I literally just cut yew trees, trying to make up some starting cash so I wouldn't have to start with no cash at all. Plus it was very afk to do. I did this till roughly 83 or 84 wcing. Slowly though I found myself starting to do more afkable things on my rs3 account under the guise that I was just on my maxing grind. All so I could pay more attention to my osrs account. Eventually I bit the bullet at the end of 2017 and made the full switch to OSRS. This is why even though I have access to my original account, I am playing under a different account now. I have all my stats on this one. The skill I enjoy the most is slayer, as such my main goal right now is the grind to 99 slayer and maxed melee, range and mage through slayer. Outside of that, I currently don't have plans on maxing, but I have set myself the goal of eventually clearing all elite achievement diaries. Tell us about your clan history. I couldn't tell you about all my past clans, because honestly there have been many. However I will list the main ones and I hope that some of the old clannies can vouch for my legitimacy. Mmapkers: a forum clan, that I guess I never truly considered a true clan, since I didn't even imply this as the first clan I joined. Yet I still have memories of the clan to this day. It also started me off into this big old clan world and my history with the next clan. Descendant Guardians: After the Mmapkers I wanted to follow our leader Snowzak and I strongly believed in the ethics or ARPKing. Sadly I didn't have the requirements for WG just yet, but the news of the descendant guardians opening soon had me ecstatic. On august the 2nd I was finally accepted into the descendant guardians and I started my long history with WG. Wilderness Guardians: I've been in and out of WG roughly 7 or 8 times? Or maybe even more than that. Usually I left of my own accord though I was kicked twice I believe for inactivity brought on by real life circumstances pulling me away from the game.(My own fault for not communicating it though) This is why I'm back here now. I'm no longer the big believer of ARPKing I once was, but I am looking for that strong sense of community I had back in Valhalla Rising that kept me going for 2 years in RS3. Plus WG has always had a soft spot in my heart. Heroes of the Future: I joined them after leaving WG and meeting their 90+ cmb requirements. Though I don't have many memories of this clan, their name stuck with me. Also whenever I think of the name, it's a fond memory. I ended up leaving them when PKRIs started to become a bit bigger and I just couldn't keep up as a poor f2per. Blasphemy/Clanxiety/Excelsis/Hades: I joined blasphemy because it was a smaller clan back then, I eventually left as it was slowly dying out due to inactively of leadership. Later I found clanxiety made by a few members from blasphemy that I liked and joined them. Clanxiety died because the leader had to stop playing for a while due to real life reasons. Eventually though they came back and opened up Excelsis, I joined them and eventually became their warlord. A position I was honestly ill-suited for as a 15 year old. Eventually excelsis died out due to the clan world kind of drying up, the natural flow of people leaving and no new recruits. Eventually though I was invited to join Hades, a clan started up by some of the original ranks in Excelsis. Slowly the clan even built itself up to a decent powerhouse for back then, unfortunately due to a dispute with some of the newer ranks I ended up leaving the clan. These are most of the notable clans I've been in back in the old days, before I had my big break of runescape. Valhalla Rising: A clan I joined at the end of 2015. While bankstanding I struck up a conversation with some people and they ended up inviting me to their clan. This was not the usual Zybez clans I was used to, and it was honestly a new and fresh thing for me. I ended up participating in the chat a lot and over time worked my way up the ranks. I never did recruit that many people, but I made a lot of good friends there. This changed during late 2016 though as I got into a relationship and I went inactive for a few months. Once I started playing again I was still in the clan and even still a rank as I had informed them about my inactivity this time. Much had changed though and over time I just felt myself getting less interested in the game and also less connected with the clan. When I made the switch to OSRS I left the clan too. Tell us about your yourself. My real life name is Niels, I'm 25 and I live in the Flemish part of Belgium. I am a self-proclaimed connaisseur of the best beer in the world (spoiler it's Belgian) though I don't drink nearly as much as I used to. Nowadays I actually got really big into Pokemon Go again after a visit of a swedish online friend of mine who is now also my partner. This has made me go on pretty much daily cycling, though a bit lessened now with the heat. Since I was a little boy I've always been interested in computers and as such I've spent way too much time on them. I'm now also headed for my final year in IT: software management at my university college. I actually originally dropped out of a high school and worked as a PC technician in as pc repair shop. After two years of that though I went back to finish my high school degree and pursued higher studies. I'm sure there's more, but the best way to know someone is to talk to them. How did you hear about us? Back during my time in the MMAPKERS. If I had to list anyone as the reason it was probably Snowzak and the recruitment topic I saw on the sals realm forum. What makes you want to join us? Lately I've found myself pretty alone in OSRS and after a nice conversation I had with some random person at brutal black dragons I realised that was what I was missing in OSRS. A community to be a part of. Due to my old ties I've been lurking in WG_CC for the past 2 days and I liked what I saw. So now I once again wish to be a part of the family. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I prefer dogs over cats. This might be a deal breaker for some. Also I realise back in the period of 2005-2010/11 that while I was in DG and WG I might have been a bit of a hassle, child or even asshole. I blame a lot of this on me just having to grow up still. Some of the lessons I learned back then from here I still remember to this day. Including a conversation I had with council member Valdremia back then. That and I think I might have made an attempt to join back in 2015 when I first returned and I just never did anything past getting accepted. Partly due to real life kicking in hard back then with my fathers death and also partly due to the RS3 section of WG just not being that big back then, even though I was forewarned of this.