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Dead Magicks

[Accepted] Dead Magicks

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Dead Magicks


What is your current RS name? Dead Magicks

List any previous RS namesI used to play a long time ago, and I don't really remember any of my old RS names.

What is your total level and combat level?

A screen shot of my individual skills and combat level are attached. I am currently working on getting a majority of my skills to the ~70 area.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.46.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.46.21 AM.png


Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.

I started to play OSRS in January. I stopped playing in about 2010-2011 after playing for about 5-6 years. I had multiple accounts back in the day, from pures to zerkers and a pretty high level main. All of my accounts typically start off as a skiller so I can make money, and then I incorporate combat as I go. Some of my favorite parts of RS are Ancient Magiks, hence my name. Ancients has always been one of the first things I do anytime I make an account.


Tell us about your clan history.

I've never been in a clan on RS. Back in the day I used to play with 2-3 other friends and we would do things together, but I wouldn't say it was much of a clan.


Tell us about your yourself.

My name is Tyler, I'm 23 years old and from Georgia. I began playing RS in 2004/2005 and played for about 5 to 6 years until I got into Highschool and sports took up all of my time. I'm a college student, so I have other priorities that go on as well as working full time. I'm very easy to get along with. I have a pretty good sense of humor so I like to joke around.


How did you hear about us?  Mojo PMed me after I posted on the clan forums

What makes you want to join us? I don't have any friends that play RS now, so I mostly play solo. It would be nice to have a group of people to do things with such as PvM and PvP. I've never done much bossing on RS cause I've never had a group of people to go with and complete the challenge. There are so many strategies to RS, so getting to know other experienced players and some of their strategies will definitely be helpful in becoming a better RS player. The fact that WG is the oldest clan on OSRS is very intriguing; I prefer to join a clan that has established themselves rather than joining a new clan that doesn't really know what they are doing.


Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clanYes


Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Never done much cheating on this game. Honestly too scared to do RWT that someone will just scam my actual money so thats definitely not worth it. Botting is kinda lame too honestly, I would never give out my password for someone to steal my account.

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Congratulations, you have been accepted into our community!

You are now an Initiate Guardian and have 3 weeks to attend 3 events, reply to at least 10 posts and graduate.


Here are some useful links:

  • Unread content - gives you the latest posts. Keeps you up to date.
  • Important Announcements - check frequently for major updates.
  • Calendar - all events are here, listed in your own time zone. You can even host your own.
  • Graduations - you have 3 weeks to post your graduation form.
  • Discord - keep notifications on for #osrs and #wg_announcements. We'll never spam you.
  • New to PvM or PvP? Check out the #pvm-help and #pvp-help channels on Discord.

Let me know when you've read this.

I and the staff are happy to answer any further questions.

Welcome to our clan!

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