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Clan raid drops

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Here is the unique drops we've gotten over the raids we have done as a team. Will update this thread when we get more drops.


Quick summary:

Arcane prayer scroll - 8

Dexterous prayer scroll - 11

Dragon sword - 2

Dragon thrownaxe - 1

Dragon harpoon - 2

Dragonhunter crossbow -1

Dragon claws - 1

Dinh's bulwark - 1

Twisted buckler -1

Ancestral hat - 0

Ancestral robe top - 1

Ancestral robe bottom - 1

Elder maul - 0

Kodai insignia - 1

Twisted bow - 2






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5ftassasin, urkelson and I went for some raids today. Got two drops in a row!






All in all, good day for raids. Dext scroll sold for 60.2M (kept 200k for myself. Alt tax, tehehehehehe.)

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