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The road to more loot

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1 hour ago, Geitekaas said:

After 2833 Zulrah kills I finally got my first Mutagen!!!




gz on maxing

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My first month of 2018 has been one filled with lootations! Did lots of PvM (Zulrah, Vorkath, Sire, DK's, Raids). Also did 10k eclectics which unfortunately did not give me ranger boots but 3 Wizard boots...


I managed to get 2 out of the 4 drops I was missing from Zulrah, the Jar of Swamp and the Tanzanite Mutagen! I only need the pet and magma Mutagen to finish of Zulrah. Loads of Sire gave me enough Unsireds to complete 2 full bludgeons selling for 25-27m each. 


There are a few pets I want to have but did not get any. I did happened to get the Skotizo pet!! Which is also very cool looking one :D 




Also, I got very lucky with raid drops on my name:







All this loot got me lots of gp's and I bought an Arcane Spirit Shield which was on my ''I want this list''! At the moment I'm saving for a Twisted bow and just passed the 200m (still 800m to go -.-).


The Arcane Spirit Shield with Tanzanite Mutagen Serp Helm.




Another big update at the end of February! 

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