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    VB is Water

    [Accepted] VB is Water

    DONEE sorry haha Hahaha don't give him a big head now Thanks mate!
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    Diary Cape!

    Can't believe I actually got it! Been working on this one for several months at least, proud to finally have it. Top three worst tasks were probably 1) BA with randoms, 2) KQ head, and 3) 85 Agility. Favorite diaries were Wildy as the POH Obelisk and choosing Obelisk tele location are great rewards and will be very useful for pet hunting. Also, the tasks themselves were pretty enjoyable (killing all wildy bosses once/ in a sequence). It also introduced me to my favorite afk activity in this game, dark crabs. Favorite elites are Varrock (free daily ~120k from bstaves), Lumby (no staff needed for fairy ring), and Karamja (direct tele to Duradel). I don't really have interest in maxing but other long term goals will be: 1) Music Cape (Trimmed eventually, but this is more time-locked as I need holiday tracks) 2) Tbow/Pet hunting 3) Inferno at some point I will also probably just keep on doing Slayer for the most part as it's my favorite skill
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    Question About Training

    Welcome to our forums. Feel free to join our in game chat: WG_CC. If you haven't joined already they will help you out with in game questions. For combat training, you could follow our guide. It's a little outdated but it will still get you decent xp/hr
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