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  1. kingdanielii

    Lyrics to the Sir Dazzy song, sung by Lordy around 2005ish: (sadly the actual recording is probably lost) #Sir Dazzy, you're my hero.# #You're so strong.# #You're always on.# #You.. are.. so.. sexy.# #Sir Dazzy, my hero.# Sung over teamspeak to SirDazzy for whatever reason, I forget why. I remember him reprising it for another member about a year later for Darkthief.
  2. kingdanielii

    pity, last time I said hello a few years ago.. Lordy said they still used it. no I'm not playing RS. I have nostalgia for it... but I suppose its more nostalgia for RS at that time.. the 2004-2006 era. I miss it, but playing it again wont be the same. That's the problem with preserving online games. They go through so many iterations that you never play the game again as you remember it. How well MMORPGs keep their older versions preserved is probably not as good as it should be. Most probably wont ever be seen again and are lost to time. Also wonder what happened to many of the people I spoke to played with (and in other games) the mysteries of life. Anyway have many other memories including Lordy and his duck sheets if that's still a thing people know about.
  3. kingdanielii

    hey ho to anyone who remembers me.. or even recognises the name from the tomes of WG history. I was there for the rant, the SirDazzy song, the excitement that Lordy had went he got a higher level farming that I did. Also the one to make WG use AV-style voting systems (whether that's still used or not). anyway yo