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  1. DavyJones

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    faked dds and smacked a 44 with d bolt spec lmfao
  2. DavyJones

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    Not quite 100k. But I have a new hobby. Killing those who harass essence runners. #honor
  3. DavyJones

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    Updated loot tab
  4. This happens to me quite often with every game I play. I'm bad where i'll play right up until I get in bed. I don't sleep well either but half the time i'll have some kind of dream that will involve whatever I played that night. To me it's usually weird where I'm like half in the game and half playing lmao
  5. DavyJones

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    Right? And people say you can't make money with pures... i'm certainly not because I die often becauss i'm getting used to it (and handling 3v1s alot ...)but come on man. People need to get on the bandwagon
  6. DavyJones

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    Killed a dragon killer before the second fight and didnt bank because I didnt use much supplies
  7. DavyJones

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  8. DavyJones

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  9. Okay, here's a basic rundown of my list of quests to get done for the 175 QP req to finish RFD in no particular ortder: Shadow of the Storm Jungle Potion Shilo Village Desert Treasure Fremennick Isles Regicide Fairytale II Eagles Peak enakhra's Lament Eyes of Glouphrie Enlightened Journey Rest Remaining RFD people One Small Favor Ictharlin's Little Helper Contact! Zogre Flesh Eaters Rum Deal In other news... Training the pure while I do it all
  10. Don't have 60 def yet so this will have to do
  11. Constantly having to deal with teams of 3 is getting annoying, someone pk with me
  12. Thank god. That cave was the most ridiculous thing
  13. I think you're right about rev caves except for a different reason. The wildy bosses have some decent loots but they're dead as hell sometimes because PvMers hate the idea of the wilderness not being easyscape. I don't know what their plan is to make rev caves "worth it" but I doubt most people on RS will be there because they don't want to be pked. and even if they are there, it'll be like when rev caves came out on rs3. people 4 iteming in dhide and a whip making it useless for pkers.
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