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  1. Twizlers300

    Andrew Gower follows you on twitter? Nice! Welcome to the forums. You sound like you would fit right in with the community.
  2. Twizlers300

    Did you have another RS name in the past? I do remember a "Frozen" that I think was in WG a long time ago. Not sure if that was you... I can't remember the full name right now.
  3. Twizlers300

    Why hello. Every time I read or think about your RS name, I always read it to myself in the tone and Australian accent that you had back when you'd make all those videos. "Hello I'm His Lordship, leader of the Wilderness Guardians." PS I'm also 107 combat, so it will be fun comparing progress in the coming months if you plan to start scaping actively again.
  4. Man that was well done, nice job guys. Really took me for a nostalgia trip to the ole days but it was fun to see what WG has been up to lately. WG truly has always been such an influential clan in RS over the years. BTW- I don't know if I ever saw that screenshot of the fight between Lordy and Tmal that led to d-day in 2006. That was intense.. and I certainly don't remember being that irate at Gene. Makes me wonder if I was actually in that chat how things would have gone. And to think that was 12 years ago! I am so old..
  5. Twizlers300

    I'm 107 combat and since I've been at pest control, everyone gives me crap for wearing an obby cape. I just am too lazy to research and get it. It's of course the best cape but it's not THAT much better than an obby cape and right now I need to grind.. but nice job getting it.
  6. Twizlers300

    I will say this, I certainly became a lot better typer (90 wpm!) AND writer because of RS. And really not so much directly because of typing on RS, more on the forum scene between clan forums and Zybez.
  7. Twizlers300

    By the way- amazing how things change since that post lol..
  8. Twizlers300

    I’m a Denver Broncos fan and live here in Denver. Man we suck this year. I mean every single game they’ve played they’ve been in and even kept in close (sans the Jets game for some reason) including games against the Chiefs x2 and the Rams. But they can’t get it done and I blame coaching. Vance Joseph has got to be the next coach fired I think.
  9. Twizlers300

    I only have 2, although at work I have 3. I was told you need a docking station if you want more than 1 external monitor, but maybe that’s wrong? I’d love 3 I just need to figure out how to fit them all on my desk..
  10. Twizlers300

    Thanks guys Mojo- yep I definitely remember you, in fact you still look to be in my friends list. I think your original name was Mojohaza or something lol. Anyway yeah I’ll need to join the clan chat soon. Never used Discord but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the update on my name.. good to know. That must be why everyone has pretty cool names nowadays instead of the random numbers after a name since their name was taken.
  11. Twizlers300

    Twizlerz300 Tell us about yourself. I am 28, work as a IT Recruiter, and live with my wife in the Aurora, Colorado area of the US. I started playing back in 2004 and played very actively until around 2008. I started back up when OSRS was released but then after getting to combat 106 I fell into inactivity again. I also was a senior mod on Zybez active in the clan forums, but was sad to see them close down earlier this year. :( Clan history. I joined WG in 2005 and after Lordy retired, became co-leader of WG with Tmal34. Those were the days.. Kenshln leading us to some great wars and raids especially in P2P (KF!). Of course then d-day happened (2007?) and half the clan left, and I left shortly after that. I joined Eternal Honor after that for a little bit which gave me a taste of a top F2F PKing clan (great learning experience), but then retired. When I came back at OSRS release, I rejoined WG but then fell inactive as mentioned above. Other than a stint with EH, WG was really the only clan I've ever known. How did you hear about us? I have no idea how I stumbled across WG back in 2005. Probably from RS forums.. Do you plan to join? Perhaps :) Any last comments? I restarted playing OSRS with the release of Runescape Mobile. And man have I forgotten how to play.. it's slowing coming back to me though and I'd like to see if I can remain active on RS before rejoining the place that made RS exciting. Not to mention my combat stats are pitiful compared to the current memberlist! I've never seen so many 120s+ at WG before, but I suppose it's been a loooong time since I've been here. But I'm so glad to see WG still thriving and a few familiar faces here and there. Also, my original RS name was Twizlers300 but when I logged in a few weeks ago when mobile was released, it required me to pick a different display name.. not sure why? So now I am Twizlerz300 in game..