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  1. Cannot say that I have been unhappy with life or anything, but getting a job definitely makes me feel a lot more productive than sitting at home playing video games all day.
  2. I don't think people are concerned about the cosmetics, but the whole idea of mtx itself. It may start of small, but knowing Jagex, that will probably spiral out of control. See e.g. loyalty programme in RS3 and auras. Auras started off with some minor boosts, but now, as far as I know, is a requirement for most high level activities.
  3. Depends entirely on what kind of PVM stuff you want to do. Plenty of guides on the wiki that gives you suggested gear etc, which should give you an idea what quests/diaries you want to go for.
  4. Imitus


    Congrats, welcome to the burnt pizza cape club!
  5. Good thing im not on the list ))))))))))))))))))))
  6. Happy birthday cat man!
  7. The founder himself! Nice to meet you
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