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  1. Imitus

    CONTRIBUTING dex scroll btw
  2. Imitus

    Quite a road ahead of you. Good luck buddy! oh yea, raids ez money
  3. Use scythe of vitur for more xp per hour
  4. Imitus

  5. Imitus

    Make sure to record it
  6. Imitus

    Yeah, I gave the cape to the tzhaar guy and he fisted my asshole
  7. Imitus

    Congrats dude!
  8. Imitus

    Thanks guys! Around 15, I think? Timewise, around 1 week. No idea. The most expensive part were the runes for blood barrage and ice barrage. I used maybe 10k deaths and bloods for all those runs (roughly).
  9. Imitus

    Its a very hot cape. Don't touch or you'll burn your hand!
  10. Imitus

    tfw no gf
  11. Imitus

  12. Imitus

    RIP in peace ardy knights.
  13. Imitus

    Welcome to the boards!
  14. Imitus

    Welcome! I personally believe you have the levels required for some basic raids. Although, higher combat and herblore always helps.