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  1. Frozen_10

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    ^Not sure, but don't think it works that way Anyway, welcome back Leon!
  2. I have some bad news @Mojo... Rexy and Trixie passed away We had to put Rexy to sleep due to a severe respiratory infection and Trixie due a intestinal infection.
  3. I collect CDs and games (SNES, N64, Xbox One/360 and Nintendo Switch).
  4. So after beeing a weekend away with the family and having the flu. I finally had some time to do some more quests!
  5. No its Dutch Its kinda hard to explain how to pronounce it but if you set google translate on The Netherlands and listen to my name you'll get an idea of how.
  6. @Adult Cat is very creative with [email protected] Cat is very creative with paint.
  7. Folkmetal is the best metal gerne so go with that; - Eluveitie - Equilibrium - Korpiklaani - Turisas - Alestorm - Finntroll - Ensiferum - Tyr
  8. Give me a few years.
  9. More quests + a hard clue! And my first hard clue!
  10. You're welcome mate.
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