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  1. Welcomeeeee! I’ve also applied for next years London marathon! Who ever thinks that’s a good idea!!!
  2. B I R D Y

    [Accepted] Hank II

  3. Nice app bud! Welcome!
  4. Dustin absolutely smacked him earlier. Great fight though!! Holloway got more than he bargained for there! Watched all the prelims nearly 6 hours of fights this morning for me
  5. Welcome bro! Nice to see some new faces very interested! Don’t forget about messaging after 48h and I’ll see you around
  6. Can I mix it up in here and say Tzrek-Jad. 10M if you get it
  7. Hey! Welcome buddy
  8. Welcome welcome my friend
  9. B I R D Y

    [Accepted] H58

    Welcome back buddy!!
  10. Welcome back, hope to see you around. Loving the stats
  11. B I R D Y

    [Accepted] Gye

    Hey hey hey welcome!!!
  12. Welcome that name intrigues me haha
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