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  1. Plz let me get firecape for you...
  2. Hey buddy! Thanks for posting an application, if you have some time fill in a little more details though just so we get a real feel for who you are!
  3. I’m down anytime other than the next 2 weeks. Scythe ect. However I have zik so I’m normally at cox lmao. But love to ToB so hmu whenever you have a team and I’ll come fill
  4. Is this the same guy i speak to daily in wdr with!? :')
  5. Nice app brother! Hope to see you around and get those events in
  6. B I R D Y

    [Accepted] Moxeee

    When tf did you even leave!?
  7. B I R D Y

    [Accepted] M59

    Love the effort here bro!
  8. Tiggo even in an application you can’t help but sound super sarcastic... I love it
  9. B I R D Y

    Adult Cat

    Cat you’re still such an idiot, this made me laugh
  10. WELCOME BACK Y0 imagine ever leaving
  11. https://imgur.com/a/7iuPEGk My baby
  12. Hey bro! Thanks for submitting an application, looking good. Just add a little more detail bulk it out a bit!
  13. HEY BRO AND WELCOME! Bird out
  14. Welcome!! I seen you talking to hathor in chat I hope he was nice, it’s an act just a warning
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