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  1. Thottpilgrim

    Very active in the chat and hustlin to get pvming groups going. Respect. Welcome to WG, man. Good luck with your app.
  2. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome to the clan, mate.
  3. Thottpilgrim

    Shout outs to @highsassy for inspiring this.
  4. Thottpilgrim

    Happy birthday dude! Get those IRL Construction gains goin. Hope you have a great day.
  5. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome to WG, bud. Good luck with your application!
  6. Thottpilgrim

    Very good dude. Glad you finally got around to applying, man!
  7. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome back to the clan, man. If you want any help with getting some events under your belt to graduate this time around, I'd be happy to help.
  8. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome to WG, bud. Best of luck with your application.
  9. Thottpilgrim

    No, that's because I'm a whore.
  10. Thottpilgrim

    Needed more pointless activities to occupy the left half of my screen while AFK Fishing/Woodcutting, so I'm going back and finding every post I've reacted to with anything other than a Love react, and changing it. Currently only three "Like" reacts remain undiscovered, but I will find them. 2019 the year of #LoveReactsOnly
  11. Thottpilgrim

    What H58 said. Regular Gargs are completely AFK, while requiring no supplies whatsoever if you're using Guthan's and the auto-smasher perk, have an arguably better drop table, and only require you to bring High Alchs and a Gem Bag to post up there indefinitely. I've started doing Grotesque Guardians again to hunt down that pet because I think it's sick as Hell, but it's not practical or profitable like Gargoyles are.
  12. Thottpilgrim

    We don't really need any anti-Semites here, do we?
  13. Thottpilgrim

    King and Ban are my best boys. Can't wait til we get a new season.
  14. Thottpilgrim

    This is such a pure and wholesome application.
  15. Thottpilgrim

    You seem cool from what I've seen of you in the CC. Welcome to WG, man. Good luck with your application.