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    Best of luck with your application, dude! Welcome.
  2. Thottpilgrim

    Best of luck with your application, man! Glad more Aussies are applying with my sleep schedule in the states there's always people on when I'm up.
  3. Thottpilgrim

    That's my boy. I will vouch for this absolute gem of a lad.
  4. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome, man! Glad to see you submitted another application. Best of luck!
  5. Thottpilgrim

    Flower Bombing the Blast Furnace
  6. Thottpilgrim

    Hey guys! Like a lot of you, playing Runescape is my main hobby, but music is both my career, and my passion. Through it my life has found the kind of joy and purpose I never would've thought I could feel, and I've bonded and formed relationships with some of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of knowing. If you're so inclined, drop the name of, or a link to your favorite song(s), album(s), or artist(s), and say what they mean to you, or if you just outright enjoy how it sounds. I'd love to know what my clanmates listen to, to see what we have in common, and hopefully be introduced to some new music myself! My favorite song of all time is "Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist" by Ramshackle Glory. It's a folk punk tune written about the friends of the band's front man, one of who committed suicide. The message of the song to never give up, and to keep pushing on through the hardships of life meant so much to me that I got a chest tattoo based on it. My favorite album of all time is Misser's "Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person". The main songwriter/backing vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the band, Tim Landers was formerly a member of the band Transit until he did a lot of less than cool shit to his bandmates, and many of his friends. The record is about his journey to become sober, and to stop being such a piece of shit to the people in his life. My favorite band of all time is Hammock. They're a post rock/ambient band based out of Nashville, TN who I discovered during a very difficult period in my life where my anxiety and mental health issues kept me from being able to sleep at night. Through listening to their music, which did wonders for my anxiety, I was able to eventually get back on a healthy, normal sleep schedule.
  7. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome back to the clan, my dude! Hope to see those bars next to your name in a few hours. Good luck!
  8. Thottpilgrim

    Great application, man! Wish you luck. Would love to play League with you, sometime. I have a group of IRLs and Internet friends I play with regularly, if you're ever looking for people to play with.
  9. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome, man! Good luck with your application.
  10. Thottpilgrim

    Thanks for the warm welcome, all.
  11. Thottpilgrim

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Thottpilgrim What is your current RS name? Thottpilgrim List any previous RS names: Oak Ranger5 was my account's original name when I made it back in the early 2000s. I still use my original account. I have one alt at the moment called Thottbott, who I used to use to do Teak Log/Plank runs for my main when I was training Construction, but as I haven't been doing that for several months now, he's fallen into disuse. What is your total level and combat level? My total level is 1889, and my combat level is 108. Attack 85 Hitpoints 89 Mining 82 Strength 87 Agility 85 Smithing 86 Defense 82 Herblore 81 Fishing 81 Ranged 88 Thieving 82 Cooking 89 Prayer 80 Crafting 80 Firemaking 73 Magic 87 Fletching 84 Woodcutting 72 Runecrafting 67 Slayer 77 Farming 90 Construction 86 Hunter 76 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing Runescape in 3rd grade, which for me was in 2003/2004. My friends and I would play in the computer lab at school on the days it was allowed because none of us had our own computers at home. My first ever account was called Black Wing72. I think that was just an randomly generated name that 9 year old me thought was cool, so I went with it. For whatever reason I ended up deciding to ditch that account and make a new one, that I called Oak Ranger5, because my favorite weapon was the Oak Longbow. I stopped playing the game shortly after Summoning came out, and a few years ago actually played on an Old School private server hosted by some guys from /v/ because a friend wanted me to. After getting my account really highly leveled somewhat effortlessly because of increased xp rates and infinite stamina, I decided to come back to the official game, and start over (as my character was now on RS3). Originally my favorite skills were Ranging, Hunting, and Fletching, and so I wanted to focus on them, but I've since changed my tune and I'd have to say my favorite skills are now Farming, Slayer, Thieving, and Construction. My favorite PVMing activities are Demonic Gorillas, Gargoyles, and Vet'ion. Tell us about your clan history. I've never joined a clan before. Runescape has always been a "single player" MMO for me. When I started playing the game as a kid, clans weren't yet a feature, and by the time they really caught on all my IRL friends who played had moved on, so I was kind of just on my own. When I came back to the game, it was under similar circumstances, so I just went about playing the way I did before. Tell us about your yourself. I'd prefer to just go by the name "Thott", if that's quite alright. If not I'd be fine with disclosing my first name. I'm a 23 year old man, who currently lives in the United States. I graduated high school, and studied at a technical school for music performance and production. I'm a professional musician, but pick up short term, part time jobs when it suits me. My primary instruments are drums, and vocals, but I'm also a proficient at guitar, piano, and bass guitar. I have a husky named Apollo who is my heart and soul. I'm a home cook, gym rat, and I love traveling the country by car to spend time with the friends I've made through touring with my band(s), and through social media. I dislike deep dish, music elitists, and people who drain the liquid out of their ramen. How did you hear about us? One of your higher ups shmurdered me in the Wildy and despite the fact that I lost a Fire Cape, Dragon Defender, and Rune Pouch to the bastard, he gave a convincing recruitment pitch when he found me in Edgeville. What makes you want to join us? My only real goal with the game since I started playing again was to get a trimmed Music Cape. Now that I have a few Elite Diaries completed and the end is in sight, I guess I'm trying to look for what I want to do next. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: The worst thing I've ever done in Runescape was rebind my left click to space bar so I could pickpocket Ardy Knights when both my hands were shot full of cortisone. I don't even think that's against the rules in the first place, but that's the biggest skeleton in my closet.