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  1. Welcome back to the clan, bud. Good luck on your app!
  2. Not quite what he was gettin at, but the enthusiasm for PKing will definitely serve ya well lmao.. Welcome!
  3. This topic is for PvM drops obtained during our PvM Competition against Forsaken Clan (FSK). Please post photos of ALL drops obtained during the competition here. The code "FSK V WG # # #" MUST be visible in your chat box or the drop will not count. (the three digit code will be made public just before the start of the event) PLEASE KEEP THIS TOPIC FREE OF ANY POSTS NOT CONTAINING PHOTOS RELEVANT TO THE EVENT. This thread will be publicly visible. You can find FSK's Megathread here. 3 DIGIT CODE # 5 7 9 3 DIGIT CODE # 5 7 9 3 DIGIT CODE # 5 7 9 For more information on the competition, please read the event description here:
  4. Got 99 Farming today, so I'm gonna burn through a chunk of what I made getting there on 99 Construction as a gift to myself.
  5. Glad you decided to apply, man. Welcome. Best of luck with your application.
  6. Love the name, man. Great app. Welcome to WG.
  7. Welcome to WG. Best of luck with your application, bud.
  8. Welcome to WG, Sho. Hope you decide to apply! In the meantime, feel free to hang out in the CC and mingle, and I hope having some company makes your skilling more bearable!
  9. Glad you decided to apply, Super. Best of luck with your application! In the meantime, just hang out in the CC, and mingle. Don't forget to check in with one of our application managers on the Discord in 48 hours!
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