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  1. Ghost

    [Declined] Pig b3n1s

    Lol the name , welcome
  2. Ghost

    [Accepted] Tyzq1

    Hello there welcome
  3. Ghost

    [Accepted] System NZ

    Welcome !! Good luck
  4. Ghost

    [Accepted] ezpkinglife

    Welcome man love you name
  5. Ghost


    Hey man welcome !
  6. Nice stats and name man !! Good luck ! Welcome
  7. Welcome !! Nice hunter ! I never gotten a 99 none combat on osrs
  8. Ghost

    [Accepted] Ghostly Rev

    Welcome ! To the team ! Good luck !
  9. Ghost

    [Accepted] TBrut

    Welcome lol its always good to be on the other side of the killing fun and profit
  10. Ghost

    [Accepted] Vietback

    Welcome !!! Nice 5b man thats alot
  11. Ghost

    [Accepted] Deanween3

    Welcome and good luck
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