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  1. it'd be nice to hear about your irl hobbies, what you like to do in your spare time, if you're working or at school. if you're comfortable with sharing that sort of stuff! we like to know about the person behind the screen too
  2. welcome friend, u might wanna add a little more to your app though!
  3. did not expect to find this here
  4. Myntie


    I used to be a big fan of EXO and SNSD but don't really listen too actively anymore
  5. Myntie

    [Declined] Rayala

    welcome !
  6. send me pics of those feet you found also, welcome back friend
  7. Myntie

    [Accepted] Stoor Worm

  8. wanted my first 99 to be cooking for the meme but i'm so fucking sick of it now that it'll probably be fm
  9. welcome brother hope u like it here
  10. i only play rs for the male attention, now what am i supposed to do?
  11. Myntie

    [Declined] a black bot

    also interested to know this lmao
  12. good to see u again brother
  13. Dragon age origins is literally the best game in existence and I will not be told otherwise also I play a lot of osu
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