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  1. K1W1

    [Accepted] Semb

    Welcome back man!!
  2. Welcome back!!!
  3. Another Michigander joins the fray.
  4. Your application has been declined. See the previous post or contact an App Manager or Leader for an explanation.
  5. Hey mate, I'm going to deny your application as you are very low level, and you would have a hard time finding events you can attend, Your stats are so low you don't appear on the hiscores even. You're still in the very very early stages of the game and there is a large chance you stop playing the game in the next few weeks. You are also under 18 which we no longer accept for a variety of reasons. I am sorry but you're definitely welcome to hang around in the CC and on Discord with us and there is always a change you can disprove all the things I mention above over time.
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