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  1. Voooooooorki

    respect the hustle. best of luck towards ur new business.
  2. Voooooooorki

    With MMK gone, we have to pray the chinese investors don't delete the game with MTX.
  3. Voooooooorki


    grats vio
  4. Voooooooorki

    bro my fuckin eyes hurt reading tthISs
  5. Voooooooorki

    scottish pride back in WG hell ye
  6. Voooooooorki

    Warding currently in the dev blog is not to my liking. The bootleg summoning (conjuring), the obtuse skilling process, the bloodbark robes that legitimately let tank in robes now (chance to block 50% of melee dmg????) is all really gross to me. I'm voting no unless it gets drastically changed. Even then, I'd rather have that development time focused on other things.
  7. Voooooooorki

  8. Voooooooorki

    youve been surpassed. myntie is now old news
  9. Voooooooorki

    im pickin construction but mainly cuz the cape has unlimited house teles and looks sick as fuck. very practical 99 along with crafting
  10. Voooooooorki

    ayyy welcome back
  11. Voooooooorki

  12. Voooooooorki

    honestly admirable that ur coming clean with that kinda past. welcome
  13. Voooooooorki

    I've always been a big fan of singleplayer RPGs like Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur's Gate II. Singleplayer games I'd recommend that are very good: Dragon Age: Origins - Fantasy 3rd person RPG that's a classic. Pretty well known but has a great setting and characters. Baldur's Gate II - A wonderful pen and paper experience translated to CRPG form essentially. System Shock 1 & 2 - Futuristic dystopian RPG that's fantastic in atmosphere and horror. I know you dislike futuristic settings but I'd definitely recommend it. TES: Morrowind - Pretty famous as well but man, it's a classic. Pen and paper RPG translated to CRPG form but it definitely hasn't aged too well. Still great. But currently, I pretty much only play OSRS and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. 3s is a pretty old 2d fighting game that still has a pretty large playerbase. Been playing it for a while and it really outshines a lot of modern fighting games. The competitive scene is pretty strong and they even have a huge annual tournament in Japan that gets like 30k+ viewers on twitch every year it pops up. So if you're willing to take on a pretty hard fighting game, download Fightcade and hit me up for the ROMs. I'll help you get past the grueling beginner phase.
  14. Voooooooorki

    cat has found a new target
  15. Voooooooorki

    elaborate ploy to expose fargorn's email. now imma send him hockey newsletters