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  1. @Pen Fifteen zmi is kind of a pain until 77 where its legit afk to 1-2 minutes. then u can just do rc while on ur phone anytime and get those passive levels. and yes thieving would be much faster if u wanted to click a lot. i did black chins at like 80 or whatever level gives u that 6th trap in the wilderness. makes black chins very very high xph and good gph.
  2. zmi to 77 rc, bloods to 90. do hunter until u can do black chins. black chins to 99, afk at wc guild with infernal axe till 90 wc. then do wt till 90 fm. seers course till 88 agi, then ardy course till 90+.
  3. Vorki

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

  4. honestly its so sad that y'all are brutally murdering me everyday to line ur wallets smdh. #JusticeForMe
  5. i support my bby's re-app welcome back
  6. looks pretty cool. maybe having a small section to test out post before registering would be a cool idea
  7. whats the changes that 4.4 has?
  8. brother #2 is that you?
  9. congratulations man. have fun on the honeymoon
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    welcome backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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