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  1. Wessox010


    welcome good to see your application. Good luck with the game and the grind
  2. Welcome and good luck with your application !!
  3. Welcome. Good luck with your application.
  4. welcome and good luck
  5. that one is so good. addicted as fuck on that one hahahaha @poiuyt415
  6. you have: the 100 Peaky fucking blinders. Designator Survivor. i have more but you should be fine with this for a few months hahahaha
  7. Wessox010

    [Accepted] M15

    nice application. you put some good info on it. good luck. but i think you should be fine. see you soon on the grind !!
  8. Wessox010

    [Accepted] Lohow

    So your a spy now ?? Welcome back bro
  9. Welcome man. Nice app and good luck on your application
  10. Wessox010

    [Accepted] Dirun

    Welcomd and nice application ! Good luck. Hope to see you soon on the events
  11. Welcome and good luck with your application !
  12. Good luck on your application. Welkom
  13. Attendance: Rushndip IsmackCheeks WGVVGWGWGWG WG Gurtjun Fancy Drop: GZZZ WGVVGWGWGWG for th ZGS Thanks for comingggggg
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