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  1. Wessox010

    welcome I hope you like Vodka !!
  2. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck
  3. Wessox010

    @Jason yeah i know. but i also want to get ranked on this account. so thats why i join also with this account.
  4. Wessox010

    welcome bro, its good to see you here !! goodluck with the application
  5. Wessox010

    mine was a Black Volkswagen POLO TSI Bluemotion
  6. Wessox010

  7. Wessox010

  8. Wessox010

    congratzzz !!
  9. Wessox010

    just another update on my pure acc. i just got to lvl 70 ranged. now going for the att lvl 60 and then str till 80. good idea or should i focus on something else ??
  10. Wessox010

    @AAIGHT aaah hell no !!! no change for that kind of gifts hahahahah
  11. Wessox010

    thanks bro @At The Races
  12. Wessox010

    and this is me.
  13. Wessox010

    just 2 pictures of me. i can´t stay behind ! nicee to see the faces of the people that we playing with !! WG FAM
  14. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck with the application !
  15. I play fortnite on PS4. To good on that.