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  1. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluckkk
  2. Wessox010

    @Moxie PK is was for my main. but im also working on my pure. so pure bank is also welcome. @Traxin thanks for showing. i really need to fix my bank hahahaha
  3. Wessox010

  4. Wessox010

    @H58thanks, i will give it a look. my bank is really messy !! hahaha
  5. Wessox010

    yeah i will check that one. i thought maybe people have also updated their bank. thats why i made a new one
  6. Good day Fam, I was thinking about to reset my bank setup and i was wondering if you people have some good setup for the bank that you wanna share. I hope you people can help me with this. Think about gear setup - pots Etc.... Many thanks in advance.
  7. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck on the application
  8. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck with your application
  9. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck
  10. Wessox010

    Goodluck on the application !!
  11. Wessox010

    welcome to the clan
  12. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck !!
  13. Wessox010

    nicee goodjob !!!
  14. Wessox010

    welcome and goodluck
  15. Wessox010