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  1. Can you do some skilling for me ?
  2. WG Wessoxx

    KBD PET!

  3. welcome. good to see you apply again !! hope to see you soon.
  4. You know i dont plank. Stupid fuck !
  5. Welcome and good luck on your application. 1 thing: Try to put some more details in your application. So we know you better. Thanks.
  6. Welcomeeeee. Good to see you here
  7. WG Wessoxx

    [Accepted] Hecs

    welcome back and good luck with the application
  8. welcome back hope to see you back on the field soon.
  9. i have never done an ironman. so yeah im new as well. but the idea about group iron man sounds good to me. nicee seems like plenty of people will get a new challenge. i dont think anyone would love to do rc hahahaha sounds good buddy. will see when it comes out.
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