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  1. Welcome, good luck on your app
  2. Sjh

    [Accepted] OSRSKing

    Hi OSRSKing, did you contact them on forums on discord?
  3. Dam dude congrats you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really extremely happy for you, like i said before i knew you were going to get it, no doubt Dr. Husky
  4. You should message the app manager, advisor or leader on discord now if you have not already
  5. Sjh

    [Accepted] OSRSKing

    Welcome, good luck on your application!
  6. Nice, congrats Barrows master grave robber
  7. Welcome, and it's good that you chose to sat out the debate, there's no point in continuing if it ends up becoming a flame war, so kudos to you for being the bigger guy
  8. Welcome and good luck, you might want to edit your post and check Yes for Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? unless you don't agree with the rules? Your favorite skill is magic yet it's not 99
  9. Welcome! As long as you don't skull trick while in WG, you should be good to go
  10. Age does not define maturity, welcome and good luck!
  11. Dam, I am not even going to say good luck, cause it looks like they still want you, so I know you will get it!
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