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  1. Dry erase boards, writing down the material on the boards while saying them out loud, then after the initial studying try to do it again without reference to the original sources. I did this for a smooth 20% of exams in undergrad and never made lower than a B on any test in any subject including Physics (which I prepped 3 chapters in 6 hours before the exam)
  2. Education for me is probably one of the most continuously liberating aspects of my life. I try to read every day and at present I'm studying for the LSAT. Exercise is a bit too difficult for me to remain consistent with because I haven't built the discpline. My days of sadness come from the days where I feel like I haven't expanded my mind. Best decision I've made was to continue my education after undergrad.
  3. Black Fist

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

  4. Very strong and interesting app! Good luck!
  5. Black Fist

    [Declined] Qesus

    Peer pressured the hell out of this guy to join, he's always here but never put in an app. Almost choked him out. Amazing fellow and a good pvmer. Strong endorsement from me.
  6. Welcome Let's work on music
  7. Welcome good luck with your app
  8. Welcome and good luck!
  9. Good luck!!! was fun having you at mole!
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