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  1. I'm just seeing this and explaining trinitarian doctrine may be difficult but the Bible explicitly makes it clear throughout scripture that God is 1 in being and 3 in persons all of those persons being equally God. Their roles are different but the essence of being is the same. John 1 explains that Jesus is the Word of God and that the Word is God and the Word became flesh and dwelt among men. When Jesus speaks very often in the Bible He's using anthropomorphological language to express aspects of the duality of nature. Jesus is 100% Human and 100% God simultaneously not compromising either facet of that identity. I would love to explain this further on discord or in PMs at some point in time, as I do this basically for a living now lol I love you guys and can't wait to hear back.
  2. Christianity simply means following Christ. Religions use Christianity. Christianity is not a religious system but rather a relationship with God.
  3. I like to talk about God but I can't be asked to really get into it in the cc with non-believers, pluralist, and other untrue things. I also am ALWAYS open to discuss my beliefs and explain WHY it's IMPERATIVE that you come to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. We can discuss Christianity, which isn't a religion, using contexts outside of the Bible and rely on strictly scientific and logical arguments.
  4. I ain't leaving WG Just not going to be playing RS nearly as much Will pop into Discord occasionally!
  5. Good luck! This time make sure you graduate on time noob!
  6. same drop, gwd screenshot doesn't have tag but loot tracker there
  7. Starting KC on the side bar at 1953
  8. I gamble regularly irl and usually leave up. I'm a beast a Blackjack and my Roulette intuition is insane
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