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  1. Nice app mate, great to see someone put a solid effort in. Hope to see you around!
  2. Please make sure your screenshot includes the following or it will NOT be counted (this means no pissed of people at the end as it has been said 1000000 times) Always: A. The codeword conscience Always but one of: B. A drop notification in the chatbox C. A notification of drop through client (ie. Runelite) D. A rune scimitar placed next to you in the ss (only done in the circumstance where you cannot type (ie wt) Failure to have the correct combo of these your drop WILL NOT COUNT.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticPrettyBatSMOrc Streamer pk done
  4. Please post all beefed up bingo drops in here all drops must contain the code The codeword is: CONSCIENCE For all mobile players if you open wt crates or cannot confidently write the codeword while opening an item please drop a rune scimitar next to you before opening, as it can take the place of the codeword for mobile players only.
  5. Welcome! Very detailed app love to see!
  6. Glad to c u applied man!!! Glgl
  7. Welcome, goodluck with your app!
  8. WG Nap

    [Accepted] vJonY

    Good luck w app
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