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  1. Welcome! I love the name haha
  2. King CJ

    Story game

    One afternoon a cat called CVS ate something smelly and putrefied. However
  3. A great thing for PvM and PvP is to shoot for barrows gloves. If you check the wiki, the quest Recipe for Disaster has a LOT of requirements of quests and skills, so it's a great way to get a good taste of lot of things. The barrows gloves have great stats all around, and the rune gloves are cheap and have good stats for PvP. And whenever you see someone in the CC asking for a trip or an event thats starting, feel free to ask if they can teach you how to do the boss, I'd say 99% of the time as long as you have decent levels people will show you the ropes.
  4. Welcome! We have a good amount of people who are almost always down to go on a PvM trip, including me. See you in the CC mate!
  5. Welcome man! I love to boss whenever I'm on and other people are able to and will always help teach someone any mechanics I know of
  6. Welcome! I also love metal and play guitar, maybe we can blast some metal during events
  7. Sick man! A good vet is every pet owners best friend
  8. Welcome Revs! That's super cool that you can speak 4 languages at 16, something I've always wanted to do but never put enough time into
  9. Welcome Doc, I've seen you in the cc for a while. Good luck on the app!
  10. https://open.spotify.com/user/cjlikeschairs/playlist/6Dknsad3kHCtFnZBBm4TDl?si=y1Z-F-2WRHGbre9MG_AdGA This is a link to a portion of a spotify playlist I have, just plopped all the harder stuff into a new playlist. It's just some heavier music, from metal to hardcore to older scene hardcore (lol). Lots of jams in there.
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