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  2. TBH losing weight. I played club and high school soccer and have always been in great shape but I gained some weight in college from not working out and drinking heavily. I've started eating better in the last year and hitting the gym more. I've dropped 50 or so pounds in the last year and a half. Now sitting at 6'00" 195. I feel like i have way more energy and just healthier overall.
  3. Very true. Been doing a little wintertodt here and there. Currently working on slayer. Almost 2 str levels the last few days and also picked up an attack level. Going to burst a bit more, especially on task to hit 94.
  4. I know it's youtube but i like Framed. He has some good content and he's funny. Sometimes I'll watch sparc too.
  5. Wintertodt for FM. Make a little bit of money too
  6. I'm poor, i know. I should probably organize some of my tabs better...
  7. Little update: I've been working on getting my melee stats up. I've also gotten to 91 mage, 3 more levels to go. I'm also 1750 now I've been killing a lot of vorkath and i've had some good drops along the way including vorki. A little bit of bandos here and there: I've started upgrading gear preparing myself to get into raids 1. It's a goal i set for myself and i'm excited to go to one of @Dragisx learner raids eventually.
  8. Wish they actually fought it out the whole fight. Manked wrecked everyone in his path but his teammate in the final seemed to have the best of him.
  9. Out of any new show, I'd say get a free trial of HBO and binge watch Chernobyl. I'd also,recommend narcos and breaking bad(obviously)
  10. Come visit me in the summer lmao. But in all seriousness that sucks if you don't have AC. Stay cool guys.
  11. RIP your life is over. Jk. Congrats man, just celebrated 2 years with my misses.
  12. Bobshmurda

    [Accepted] Lohow

    Welcome back man
  13. True. I might try to work that in. I just don't want to be blowing through restores. So i'll try it out.
  14. I started using a bastion potion instead to save an invent space. Youtube my man. Honestly its all about knowing when it's about to do the acid or freeze phase. It's always after the 6th attack. I count the attacks in my head, then get ready. Always use pots and heal while walking during acid phase or when you're frozen so you're not wasting attack time.
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