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  1. Bobshmurda

    gz man! account lookin juicy
  2. 2 Coifs in 3 chests. FML
  3. Bobshmurda

    What area of finance? I'm a financial analyst doing planning, forecasting and statistical modeling.
  4. Bobshmurda

    Started off with a 2000 Mustang GT Ive had: -2008 VW gti -1995 Ford Bronco -2006 dodge 2500 Cummins -2012 Subaru wrx Now driving a 2015 Audi A4 quattro. Planning on picking up a 95 bmw 525i project car this week. If you can't tell I'm a big car guy
  5. Bobshmurda

    Congrats man thats awesome!!
  6. Bobshmurda

    Pls insult red. Good luck man. Fun trip today with you.
  7. Bobshmurda

    Lost count. Around 40-45
  8. Bobshmurda

    Well boys i did it. Completed my goal this afternoon. Probably could have done it sooner but I couldn't play as much as i wanted to this week. At the end of the day, i was seeing right around 600k/hr with red chins and 850k/hr with blacks. I used reds from 84-97.5 and finished off with blacks. I would say that it was expensive and maybe not worth it in the long run because i could have done it through slayer but it was a goal that i set.
  9. Bobshmurda

    At 97. 900K till 98.
  10. Bobshmurda

    Update: Currently sitting at 95, halfway to 96.
  11. Bobshmurda

    Just got 91. Hoping for 92 at some point today!
  12. Bobshmurda

    When I first made this account, I wanted to make range a top priority. It was the first skill I got past 70. Fast forward to Saturday. I decided impulsively that I wanted 99 range, but not have to sit in the NMZ for 3 months with a msb. I went on a grind and got full void in Saturday. Yesterday, I sold alot of gear including my SGS... Bought pegs and a lot of red chins. Yesterday afternoon I was still 84 range, today I'm sitting at 89 after starting to chin late yesterday. The depressing part is that I'm still only around 1/3 of the way to 99. I'm seeing right around 420k per hour with red chins. I know there is more potential, but I'd rather learn slowly and keep the monkeys stacked so I can hit 9 at a time rather than wasting chins. This is the plan when I'm on my laptop. During the day at work, I'm going to blowpipe nmz as I'm seeing around 100k/hr and I can safely afk it. I'll probably be able to pull 6-700k a day during work (Btw, no Wi-Fi, I have unlimited data lol). Hoping to grind it out and get my first cape! Wish me luck!
  13. Bobshmurda

    Grats man. Thats my goal by the end of next weekend. What was your setup and xp/hr if you dont mind me asking.
  14. Bobshmurda

  15. Bobshmurda

    Wife and I.