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  1. 1. Nib 2. dusted olmlet 3. Hydra 4. Garg 5. CG pet
  2. Update because fuck you. I'm still alive.
  3. Played soccer until college (club ball, high school), won state my junior year and we were ranked top 20 HS in the USA.
  4. bruh. Choose something specific l0l
  5. clarify. Pker or wizard or what?
  6. Because of SRT's smartass response, I will reiterate. It has to be a specific guess (monster or something weird) -examples: -died to zulrah -died to graardor -died at barrows
  7. Just created this asshole today. Here's the premise. This is a deadpool for my HCIM. It's literally free money but a guessing game. 1. The person that guesses how I lose my status gets a free 10m. 2. If i make it to the point where I complete my fire cape without dying, the bounty gets upped to 20m. Here is the thread to start making your guesses. -I'll give you an example. If someone say's DC'd, you'd have to tell me how. (DC'd to vork, DC'd to zulrah, etc.) First come first serve on guesses, and you only get one guess. Guesses so far: 1. LG - Barrows 2. Atheistvegan - Dark mages near varrock 3. Mew - Fire Giants 4. Cursed Rake - Morytania Vampires 5. Duhyaih - Elvarg 6. Man OTY - Wildy clue step PKED 7. Zemus - Winterdaddy 8. Corb - ToB 9. Gurt - Aberrant Spectres 10. Simmons - Black Demons 11. Genesis - Zulrah 12. Lame Brain - Corp 13. Kiwi - Dust Devils 14. Konodio - Vorkath 15. Baites - Shamans 16. Maiar - Sire 17. Why try - Demonics
  8. Welcome back family
  9. My mans seems legit. Supporting his ass
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