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  1. mrhugobear

    Ely > crystal shield > arcane
  2. mrhugobear

    welcome back~
  3. mrhugobear

    Thank t’all For the help & support!! Did spectacularly well & placed 2nd (which should have been 1st but the agency wouldn’t choose someone leaving for the states to study to win) Took home the 2nd place Title, mr most well groomed (lab series), mr Japan IPL & mr phytogenic Jr (phyto). repping that wg pride hehe
  4. mrhugobear

    Make one just to like and bounce
  5. mrhugobear

    Guys as some of y’all might have known, I have joined a guy’s beauty pageant and I’m currently prepping for finals & im here today to slut out myself for more Facebook likes to appease my sponsor :X https://www.facebook.com/themakeoverinc/photos/a.697148340346117.1073741847.145085108885779/1854337247960548/?type=3 pls like the Facebook page & the photo as well!!!! Thanks in advance no homo but money is money :X
  6. mrhugobear

    im salty but gz nontheless
  7. mrhugobear

    I've heard im gna be even more free than i was studying here in SG cos everything is easier there so maybe you'll actually see me more? 2277 in 2019? hehehe Business!
  8. Title says it all. Anyone else staying in Cali? I'll be starting school in Sep @ Foothill College!! Reaching San Frisco 31 Aug! HMU if u in the area
  9. mrhugobear

    cheeky cheeky ! gl with pet
  10. mrhugobear

    welcome back old friend
  11. mrhugobear

    welcome back :L
  12. mrhugobear

    welcome there buddy