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  1. Completes a gap in the skilling market so I'm all for it
  2. 2 at 22, wow you work fast lol
  3. Welcome mate Good luck with joining and feel free to add me in game. Ant l C l or Iron Ant C
  4. Yeah I totally agree. Boxing ability is shocking but if he catches you with a big shot, you're in trouble lol. I can't believe fury got up in the final round. That knock down probably just got him the draw. Along with the fact that fury was never getting a points decision win in the states against an American champion
  5. Obvious with my name but Anthony lol
  6. I used to hate wilder but the more of him I see out of the ring the more I like him. The only reason he got into boxing was to make money for his disabled child. He's a really nice religious family man. The bronze bomber thing he puts on is just to get more people to pay for his fights and watch him
  7. Pesky little guys, messing up your screenie lol
  8. Small old world ey lol
  9. Anthony

    [Accepted] Umm Wtf

    Good luck man
  10. Very nice detailed app, best of luck mate
  11. Anthony

    [Declined] Digl33t

    Welcome and good luck
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