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  1. Welcome and nice couple recruits you got 2GEW
  2. Nice app mate! Hope we are what you're looking for
  3. TheSleptKing


    Welcome bud, we actually have a level 94 in here with quest cape so don't be discouraged from your goal
  4. Good app mate always nice to see more UK fellas apply! Welcome
  5. TheSleptKing

    dux my sick

    Top notch app other than the skulltricking but hopefully that doesnt stop you joinin!
  6. Seen this guy working hard in cc welcome bud and keep it up
  7. Welcome back mate, nice app! As for the pallbearer side gig as I thought it tends to be reserved for men typically close to the deceased? How do you fit in there?
  8. Great app, welcome back and its great to hear that you want to help out new players
  9. TheSleptKing

    R 4 V 3 N

    Welcome, nice app hope we are what you're looking for!
  10. TheSleptKing


    Welcome and nice app, we have had a venezuelan fella in here before if im not mistaken and no one gave him a hard time about it. Most people are mature enough to understand that not everyones a gold farmer there and not everyone is blessed to be born into wealth or a country like the US. Respect to you in that case, and hope you like it here. (Though id recommend having thick skin is a good thing in the cc)
  11. Nice app fella hope you like it here
  12. No it's obvious alot more complicated than that and i'm not really qualified to give a solution further than on a very basic level, I was mainly just trying to express my opinion againsnt them. I heard it on the radio but thats why i said if im not mistaken as i wasnt 100%, I didn't realise it included smaller incidents they are still all gun related incidents and by that it makes it very similar, just because one or two people died because someone who shouldn't have have access to a gun did it doesn't call for less action. I understand when it comes to gang crime their guns may have been obtained differently and can be got through the black market so it's a different situation to for example some crazy school kid from a middle class or better background who got it from their parents gun cabinet or someon buying it at a supermarkt without any prior checks or somthing of that manner and has to be dealt with differently (this isnt always the case just an example). The only first world country where people can say its not unexpected to have 270 incidents of 2 or more people dying a year to being shot by people who shouldnt have guns is America afaik. Whilst the recent mass shootings were a catalyst for this debate again it isnt the only reason why they should be taken away imo, theres very likely alot of smaller gun crime which happens on a daily basis that isn't included in that stat and it adds up and isnt being talked about and nothing has been done as of yet to effectively tackle the problem even though it seems more common every year to have mass shootings with numerous people die or be injured. Just seems like some tweets are sent saying how sorry they are about it then move on with their day.
  13. If im not mistaken i heard there was 270 mass shootings in america this year. That is actually unbelievable. You can look it up, and I never said there was a quick fix, i said that yes it probably wouldnt fix things in the short term because there would be huge uproar and getting the guns off civilians would be a lengthy and trying process, but i also was pointing out the benefits for future generations more than now, because people only think of the quick fix and how it can benefit them now or over the next couple years. I get where youre coming from but that just is not a deterrant for the government, who by the way don't want to enact Martial Law and take over like that. They would just use drones and shit now anyway, their technology is so superior it wouldn't make a difference. From my view it's pretty much peace of mind at this point because people are so used to having it. Civilians need not have any weapons. Having a gun on you only makes the other guy with one think twice, not the military or government and that wouldnt be an issue if there was none. But you're right it's a sensitive conversation and i understand your side and where you're coming from. But when people start blaming it on media manufacturing is where i draw the line for debates like this.
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