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  1. Japanese Tell us about yourself. Been around playing scape forever on and off throughout its history. Clan history. Final Ownage Elite - Member [PURE] Frozen Fury - Member [MAIN] Damage Inc. - Member [MAIN] Skillers United - Member [MAIN][SOCIAL] Runescape Dinasty- Member [MAIN] Malicious Intent- Co Leader [MAIN] Theory - Leader/Founder [MAIN] Team Victorias Secret - Co Leader [MAIN] Of The Gods - Staff [MAIN] PvM's Finest - Staff [MAIN] Uprising PvM- Member [MAIN] SKSC - Skiller member [MAIN][SOCIAL] Team Focus - Team member [PURE] Redefined Ownage - Singles member [MAIN] Horror - Member [PURE] Purity - Member[PURE] Olympus- Member[PURE] Average Joes - Staff [MAIN][SOCIAL] JaJa Legacy - OldSchool Legacy Member [MAIN] Zoltan- Co Leader [MAIN][SOCIAL] Daeva - Member [PURE] Purge - Member [PURE] How did you hear about us? Forums/ Know of WG since forever Do you plan to join? I am not quite sure yet. I havent been in a PvP mainclan in quite some time I plan to check it out for awhile and see how it goes. Any last comments? Thanks for having me, Cheers.
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